Top Ten Exciting Travel Destinations

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There are few things more exciting than planning a really big, really special trip, but finding and deciding on the perfect destination can be difficult. So, to provide you with some inspiration, here is a list of the top ten most thrilling destinations, bringing together some of the best places in the world for both budget and luxury vacations.

My Top Ten Travel Destinations


Rome has the most incredible history. There are stone columns and ancient Roman ruins all over town that reflect that.  There are also instantly recognizable landmarks from the movies, such as the Coliseum and the Trevi fountain. It is a vibrant and busy city, full of romantic hotels and quaint little Italian restaurants.

2. Kerala

Kerala in south-west India, has a dreamy landscape of waterways, rice paddies and attractive hills, and is known for its exotic spice trade and abundance of wildlife. The place is very geared-up for visitors but is still unspoiled by tourism. There are plenty of swish five star hotels and cheap guesthouses and hostels.

3. St Vincent and the Grenadines

Tropical island paradise dreams turn to reality in this perfect destination. It’s a group of Caribbean islands with peaceful white sand beaches, palm trees, beach shack bars, and adventures galore. Mustique is the most exclusive island, but there are also plenty of budget hotels in idyllic settings.

4. Dubai

Dubai is a sure-fire winner because it combines the exotic with the glamorous so seamlessly. It has some of the biggest and best hotels, water parks and shopping malls in the world. Top tip: self-catering apartments are a good budget option.

5. Vietnam

A trip to Vietnam is bound to be unforgettable – it’s so totally different, vibrant and colorful. There are ancient Hindu temples, Chinese pagodas and mouthwatering food. The country has buzzing city centers like Hanoi in the north and Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) in the south.  Vietnam has many tranquil beaches and some really outstanding and unique scenery.


African safaris just cannot be beaten when it comes to an action packed vacation. Tracking the wildebeest on Tanzania’s Serengeti plains and spending time with the Masai tribe are just two of the many exciting activities on offer. There are luxury game lodges and hotels on the gorgeous beaches of Zanzibar, and affordable and exciting tours.

7. Buenos Aires

Tango dancers in the streets, elegant city architecture, fantastic restaurants and a sophisticated nightlife; Buenos Aires has all the excitement of Latin America and fits the bill for any kind of trip.

8. Mozambique

A vacation in Mozambique has everything honeymooners dream of: romance, excitement and exotic African scenery. Sailing on a dhow, lazing on beautiful beaches and exploring Maputo’s street markets and café culture are essential things to do.

9. Borneo

Visiting Borneo really is the experience of a lifetime. There are rainforests, orangutans and exotic flowers, not to mention the jungle longhouses and the friendly locals with tales of their headhunting ancestors.

10. San Diego

Coronado Beach, San Diego, is ideal for any vacation. It has fantastic beaches, the bright lights of San Diego across the bay, and an old-fashioned resort atmosphere, personified by the iconic Hotel Del Coronado. Perfect.




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