Tips to Motivate Your Dog to Play

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Most dogs cannot wait to go to the park and play fetch. They jump around the house as soon as you pick up the ball. But there are those who need a little persuading. Some dogs may look playful and excited, but playing with toys may not be their thing. Some dogs need real motivation to get their play drive on. But keeping in mind all the amazing benefits they can achieve with some play time, you have all the reasons to motivate them to play with toys.

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One of the major reasons why your dog may not be excited about playing is weight. If your dog has gained weight, there’s a chance that it has become lazier. Unfortunately, this makes playing with toys even more important as it’s an effective way to get some exercise.

Undeniably, ensuring your dog plays with toys requires some efforts. Though it may seem tough, all you need to do is to follow some effective tips. Let’s explore.

Understand the Importance of Play

To ensure you’re motivating your dog enough, the first thing to do is to understand the significance of playing in your dog’s life. Playing is the way pros have been working their way out in training dogs for years.

These experts have switched rewarding to toys instead of treats. Dogs usually thrive on interactive ways of training. It could work both ways: by being a stress reliever for you and your dog. It’s also the perfect way to incorporate exercise into your dog’s life. Most importantly, this gives you a chance to create a stronger bond with your four-legged friend.

It’s essential for their overall well being and their social presence. So, if you want to have a smart, trained, and a socially active dog, it’s important to motivate your furry little friend to play with toys.



Show Your Dog The Fun Of Playing

Dogs are observers. That’s why they can be trained. If you teach them with some practical examples, chances are they’ll follow back. If your dog doesn’t know how to play, you can show him. Toss the toy around and chase it. Show how exciting it was.

The idea is to play with the dog’s toy enthusiastically so your dog also feels encouraged to start. There are different games you can play with your dog. So, show him what to do and he is likely to do the same.  

Show Lots of Praise

Every time your dog plays with the toy, praise it. That’s the best way to encourage your dog to continue. Praising will also confirm that chasing and picking the toys is making you proud and happy. It will also boost their confidence so make sure you do it every time.

Engage with your dogs and participate to make it look like a fun activity. Continue to teach them how to play with the toys by moving into different rooms and playing with different toys. If you repeat it enough times, your dogs will pick the point.

Find the Right Toy

Finding a toy that your dog finds attractive is half the battle. You can take your dog with you to the toy shop and let him pick its own favorite. You can start off playing some catch with a regular ball and see how your dog responds.

You can also buy a few nice toys and see which one really encourages playing. Use that particular toy for motivating your dog for play time. You can also check some reviews of play toys for dogs by Fastdogs for a better idea.

It’s always a great idea to add more toys to your dog’s collection. This can work as a great motivating factor to encourage your dog to play with toys.

Encourage Interactive Play

The fact that your participation is essential cannot be stressed enough. It’s the most crucial part of motivating your dog to play with toys. Make use of the whole interactive play idea. This way, you’ll notice how much your dog responds to your efforts.

Encourage your dog to play and continue with the training. The whole experience will become more interesting for you too. There are tons of benefits of playing for a dog. Sometimes you may find it difficult to motivate your pooch but with the tricks above, you’ll definitely achieve success.  

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