Tips on How to Help Children Deal with the Loss of a Pet

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Loss of a pet is always a hard thing to deal with especially for your child. A friend that absolutely loved you for who you are and never judged you is now gone. This fact is difficult to accept, however, one has to do that. This article is going to give you the tips on how to help children deal with the loss of a companion animal – read it and use the pieces of advice that we are giving!

Reassure Your Child You Were not Responsible for the Pet’s Death

It is important that the child understands that death is just another process in life that is inevitable. People die, animals die – everything dies! And there is no one responsible for that. If your favorite creature died of disease, tell your child you did everything possible to treat and save it. If the pet died mainly because it was too old, explain to your child that death is what happens to any creature that is too old. Your child has to understand clearly that no one is guilty for the death of your companion animal – what happened was supposed to happen.

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Explain to Your Child the Pet Went to a Better World

Pet loss is a delicate situation that your child finds him/herself in, and it is very important that s/he deals with it right. Sit in front of your kid and explain to him/her that the creature that s/he used to love so much went to a better world. It does not suffer there as it used to in its last days – it only runs on the lawn, plays with the ball, and eats the tastiest food all days long. The animal companion went to a pet heaven, and your kid should be happy for it. There is nothing more generous than allow your companion animal to move on when another more beautiful world is calling for it.

Discuss the Funny Moments with the Pet

Children and pet loss are inconsistent notions. It is impossible to imagine the kid that is not crying a week in a row over the companion animal that is gone. That is why it important to make it easier for the kid to deal with the situation as it is. One of the best ways is to sit around the fireplace with the whole family in one of the evenings and remember and discuss the funny moments connected with your favorite creature.

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There will be lots of those, believe us! Just have your moment and look through pictures with the animal companion (you must have some!) and recall the stories when it was small. Recall how it spoilt something and you never punished it because it had such a cute guilty look on its face. You are thus going to show what a nice life your companion animal lived and how it made your lives much more meaningful.

Take another Pet

After some time has passed, the only thing you can do for helping children with grief is buy another pet. Visit the shelter and allow your child to choose the pet. It would be amazing to explain to him/her that you are providing help to both the shelter and the creature you are saving.

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The kid would be happy to distract from the grief by attracting whole of his/her attention to the new favorite of the family and take care of it as much as possible. Another companion animal is another stage in life with new emotions and new beginnings. Taking a new animal companion is like welcoming a new member of the family. The new companion animal will have its unique character and behavior that might remind you of the ones the previous animal companion had but would never be the same.

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