5 Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Wardrobe & a #Giveaway! #HappyInHanes

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New year, new me…or is it? Every year, we talk about changing our homes , changing our habits and changing our lives, but how often do we really take the steps necessary to do that? I think that we can all agree that one problem many women face is paring down the wardrobe. I know that Angeline and I tend to hold onto things WAY TOO LONG…just in case. This year, we are making a concentrated effort to declutter, and I am pleased to share our 5 Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Wardrobe with you!

5 Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Wardrobe


Caught your attention didn’t I? Of course we don’t mean throw it away. What we mean is clear a big space on the floor and dump out the contents of your closets and drawers. If you really insist on staying organized, sort the piles into tops, dresses, pants and so-on. This will give you a good idea of how much you really have and an at-a-glance notice of your need to tone it down or reinvest. As you’re putting things back away be honest with yourself about whether or not the item deserves to be hung back up. Can’t decide? Put it in the toss pile.

Keep, Donate, Sell, and Store

As you’re going through your closet hang up the items you want to keep and start three separate storage containers. One for things that should be donated, another for items you can sell, and finally, a container for items you will want to store. Store items like your heavy winter coats, wool sweaters, and insulated leggings. Remember to keep out a few lighter sweaters and jackets as the weather switches daily in the coming months.

Follow the One Year Rule

The rule is simple. If you haven’t worn it in a year you’re probably not going to ever wear it again. Let’s work on letting go and filling that space with something better. This rule also goes for items you’re hoping to one day fit into again. The one exception are black tie items that aren’t worn as often, in those instances use your best judgment!

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Check your Bras

It’s not uncommon for women to go up and down bra size with the loss or gain of even a few pounds. Spring is the perfect time to get remeasured for an accurate bra size. It’s also a great time to replace any bras that are stretched out, ill-fitting or just plain uncomfortable.

Replace them with bras that fit properly and that are comfortable. Hane’s new feather-lite bra, with super soft fabrics, flexible foam cups and ComfortBand hits all of the bullet points for a great bra and a girls (or in this case, the girls) best friend. You can pick them up at Hanes.com, Walmart or Target in sizes S through 3X for $15.99!

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They are so soft, so light and so cute! I love the little details that give them a touch of sexiness.

Hanes® Oh So Light Comfort Wirefree bra

Hanes.Com even has a special offer code for $20 off and Free Shipping with the purchase of $100 or more when you use code HappyHanes20 .

OFFER DETAILS: $20 off and Free Standard Shipping with purchase of $100 or more! (Offer excludes the Champion Life Collection and all Clearance items. These products do not count towards the qualifiers. Promotion may not be combined with other promotions.  U.S. delivery addresses only.)

Get a Friend To Help

There is no one better to help you organize your closet than a good friend. Not only will they give you some honest advice about that ill-fitting dress but they will probably talk you into getting rid of a few extra things, directly into their own closet. Plus, by having a friend over you create the perfect excuse to wine while you work! It’s a winning situation all around!

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