Tips for Great Skin At Any Age #findbeauty #OrganicDoctor

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I was compensated by Organic Doctor for my participation in this campaign through the Mom It Forward Influencer Network.

I know that many women say that they want to age gracefully, but I don’t really see the point. I’m 39, extremely single, and I want to continue to look cute for as long as I possibly can! While I’ve been fortunate to be blessed with great genes – which has translated into great skin – I am a huge fan of using any and every means possible to keep my skin looking so nice that I can pass for a 20-something (I don’t do this, but it’s nice to hear people guess my age and fall a decade short!). One of the products I’ve started using lately is made by Organic Doctor, this fantastic line of skin care, that while not made especially for anti-aging, goes a long way to help my skin looking its best!

Organic Doctor

I use quite a few different products in my anti-aging skin care regime, though they aren’t all specifically made for anti-aging. Organic Doctor is a line of general, all-around skin care products that are perfect for any age! Organic Doctor is an award-winning skincare line from the UK, which just launched in the U.S., so if you haven’t heard of it yet, don’t be embarrassed – I just recently learned about them myself! There are 8 collections and I was happy to sample items from 4 of the collections for this blog post.


Tips for Great Skin At Any Age

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Yes, we’ve all heard that we need to drink 6 8 ounce glasses of water a day. Drinking enough water is SO important when it comes to your skin! I notice how dry and lackluster my skin becomes when I am not drinking enough water, and I also get headaches when I’m a little parched.

Take off Your Makeup Before Bed

I used to be horrible at removing my makeup before bed, if I wore any at all. Now I make sure to clean my face every night before bed, and my favorite way to do that is with these Olay Facial Cleansing Cloths. They even take off mascara!

Olay lather

Keep Your Skin Moisturized

I use a few different kinds of moisturizers, but I am really liking the Organic Doctor Virgin Coconut Oil Hydrating Radiance Elixir as my new daily moisturizer. It goes on light and clean and absorbs nicely! Organic Doctor® Virgin Coconut Oil is a deeply moisturizing & hydrating super oil that has been valued for its intensely hydrating and nourishing properties. Organic Doctor Virgin Coconut Oil is sourced from organic farms in Sri Lanka and the Philippines where the coconut palm is native and referred to as “the tree of life.”

I am also really digging the Organic Snail Gell Snail Gel, which uses the unique secretion the snail uses to regenerate its own shell to help hydrate and moisturize maturing skin. I know it sounds odd, but it works! It’s a really nice thick and creamy moisturizer that feels so nice when I blend it in!

#findbeauty with Organic Doctor Skincare products

Use Face Masks on a Regular Basis

No one likes grease and oil build up in pores or blemishes, so keep that face clean with a weekly mask!

#findbeauty with Organic Doctor Skincare Products 3


I love the Organic Doctor Rose Otto Face Mask. It has a very light rose aroma that isn’t overpowering at all. It smells so good!

#findbeauty with Organic Doctor Skincare products



I also really like the Organic Doctor Rose Otto Skin Lotion for keeping my hands moisturized. I keep it on my desk!

#findbeauty with Organic Doctor Skincare products

Organic Doctor® Rose Otto is an aromatic, floral, healthy-aging skin line. Organic Rose Otto Oil is obtained from roses cultivated in Bulgaria, Iran, and Morocco and used for its aromatic scent and skin revitalizing properties. All of the Organic Doctor collections come from the finest botanical and naturally inspired ingredients to ensure that the bioactive properties of the organic ingredients in each product are truly captured. I love how different they all are, and come from places all over the world!

You can find Organic Doctor products at CVS locations nationally or on! Find out more at!

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