Things Ukrainian Women Look in Relationships

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Over the last decade, the Western world has become obsessed with Slavic women. Undoubtedly, Ukrainians and Russians are the most popular among foreigners looking for a true love. Why so? As the reasons are multiple, the answer is quite complicated. You may have heard that Ukrainian ladies have some unique merits that make them special. It’s not even about their exceptional beauty, but rather about their “soul” (a concept which means a lot to Slavs). No wonder that thousands of westerners are eager to meet Ukrainian girls for serious relationships. However, not so many of them are aware of what Ukrainians really expect to meet in their partners. Today, we will try to make this situation clear. Hope this helps you to charm a potential Ukrainian girlfriend.


As Ukrainians have quite a serious attitude to love, faithfulness is one of the basic things they look in their partners. Ideally, true love comes along only once in a life – this is what they believe in. An average Ukrainian woman dreams of a soulmate who will always stand by her (and by whom she will always stand). In her view, no long-term connection is possible without mutual trust, honesty, and respect. Thus, it may be difficult for you to afford a marriage to a Ukrainian if you prefer open relationships.


Even in our modern world, the Ukrainian society still appreciates the traditional division of gender roles, when a man feeds his family and a woman is responsible for making her husband and children happy. Thus, men are considered to be leaders in their community. On the other hand, one of the most common Ukrainian proverbs says: “A man is a head, but a woman is a neck”. So a woman is a subtle yet prominent member of any couple. She secretly guides her man through what she would like to get and expects him to be decisive and brave in return.


Even though modern young Ukrainians gain more and more independence, they still hope for kind of chivalry in their love life. This is all due to their mentality. Yes, Western ladies may find it old-fashioned, but Slavic girls have always been amazed at men capable of wooing sophisticatedly. We don’t imply any unbelievable things, be sure. Being a gentleman isn’t something difficult at all – just use your good manners, bring small gifts, and show interest in your lady. These simple tricks won’t let your romance fall into a routine.

Sense of humour

No one likes grumpy and harsh people. If you hope to conquer a Ukrainian lady’s heart, you should prove yourself as a fun guy. Strictly speaking, humour is one of the most powerful attractions. In addition, your kindness, open mind, and originality mean a lot. Despite their serious perception of feelings, Ukrainian women love having fun, so they need a man who can always support them and share their areas of interest.

Emotional bond

Taking all written above into account, you can easily see that Ukrainians prefer deep feelings over sexual affairs. They are passionate and look for bright impressions. But the connection between partners will always outweigh any other benefits – that’s what they think. As a result, it’s really hard to build any strong connection with a Ukrainian woman if physical attractiveness and material values are the only things you can offer her.


Ukrainian girls typically have a clear vision of what they would like to achieve in life. Nowadays, their range of goals isn’t restricted to housekeeping and kids. They also want to succeed professionally. Yet building a strong and healthy family remains their main purpose. That’s why it is so important to measure your ambitions up if you are going to find a perfect Ukrainian match.

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