The One Part of My Life That’s Unorganized…My Closets!

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When we purchased our first home in 1959, we knew that there were a lot of things we needed to do to the house to make it our own.

That old shabby carpet and white tile? They were the first to go!

The 50 year old baseboards and crumbling cedar doors to each room? Gone!

The next thing on our list was to replace our bedroom and linen closet doors, but once we found out that our family room was illegally built, all of our resources and time went into fixing that…and we stopped doing our desired home remodeling projects. Now that the end is finally in sight for that project, we are talking about the next things we want to do to our home.

One of the biggest projects is going to be our backyard; we want to build a deck around our pool and have a privacy fence installed. But those things are going to take time to save up for! In the meantime, I thought we’d go back to one of the major things we want to do indoors – replace our closet doors.

Seriously, they are old – 53 years old – and falling apart. The one in our hallway disintegrated and we had to throw it away…the ones in our bedroom are being held together with staples!

Still not too bad considering this closet door is over 50 years old, right?

And honestly, the inside of our closets don’t look much better than the outside. They are so small that we just cram everything in there as tightly as possible. It’s rather embarrassing…but in the spirit of full disclosure, I feel I must share a photo of that as well!

The worst part about our closets being in such disarray is that I am usually a very organized person. Even my junk drawers are pretty organized! But as you can see, there isn’t much space to work with here. I definitely need the help of a professional system!

Yes, those are hub's shoes in MY closet...because his is full of clothes!

You would think it’d be super easy to replace closet doors, right?


Because these closets were custom built into the house in 1959, the doors are a special size. We have to have our new doors professionally built. Now, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, because what girl wouldn’t want custom closets? I’d love to have each set of closets in the house professionally rebuilt with an organization system inside them and nice, shiny new doors.

Because this cedar door look is sooo 1950’s. 

What I wouldn’t give for a set up like this!

Photo courtesy of California Closets

I’ve started looking into closet organizers and found that they are actually quite affordable! The only downside is that now I have to clean out my closets so that I can actually have the work done…

That in itself is a whole project!


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  1. says

    I would love to have a closet like that. Mine isn’t too bad, I just need to clean it up! I have shoes and clothes everywhere. lol

  2. says

    One day, I’ll have a closet just like this, darn it! My closet looks horrendous, I have shelves but nothing seems to stay on them lol.

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