The Nice Girl’s Guide To Talking Dirty

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Yes, I went there. What can I say? A girl’s gotta keep it fun and fresh after being married for a decade!

I was given the opportunity to review Dr. Ruth Neustifter’s new book, The Nice Girl’s Guide to Talking Dirty: Ignite Your Sex Life with Naughty Whispers, Hot Desires, and Screams of PassionNice Girl's Guide To Talking Dirty and naturally, I said “of course!” because really, I think we can all use a little spice in our love lives!

Who is this Dr. Ruthie? You might be wondering. Well, she is considered the newer, younger, hipper Dr. Ruth. In writing this book, she wanted to help teach any woman how to become a verbal vixen, in and out of the bedroom. After reading a few blurbs about the book, I got a little excited. It seemed that this was totally something I could do!

First, Dr. Ruthie helps the reader determine which type of seductress suits her personality the best, whether it be a sweet talker, the direct talker, or the naughty tease. I wish that I could say I was a naughty tease, because that would be much more scandalous – but I’m a sweet talker. After figuring out which type of seductress I am, I read through the 12 exercises that are supposed to help strengthen my seduction skills. Yeah, I got skills now!

I’d say for me, the most important part of the book was the chapter containing Gaining Confidence. Honestly, I am a little bashful and talking dirty doesn’t really come natural to me. I felt empowered after reading this book – even if I can’t play along with the more adventurous, “dirtier” dirty talk, I can still have fun with this and I won’t be embarrassed.

My new mantra: I am sexy. I am naughty. Or at least I can pretend to be and no one is going to laugh at me!

Why do I think talking dirty is important in a relationship? I’ll share with you a bit from the book…

“Dirty talking intensifies the process of seduction, building desire and passion while deepening the level of intimacy between two lovers. Dirty talk also empowers women to get what they want; it can be easier to request things from a partner…”

I loved this book. It’s so easy to follow, and while it can be a little embarrassing at times, there’s nothing too X-rated about it. I really enjoyed Dr. Ruthie’s writing style as well. It’s not clinical, it’s not abrasive…the entire book flows like you’re sitting, chatting with your girlfriends.

And her sense of humor! This is one of my favorite lines from the book “Compliments are the perfect plan B for a drive-by flirting that runs out of gas.” Ha! A drive-by flirting, by the way, is when you just casually throw out a flirtatious remark during a normal conversation or encounter with your sweetie.

Each chapter begins with a snippet of a conversation (I won’t include any examples here because if my mother reads this, I am going to get a phone call about what is appropriate on a public web page), followed by encouragement, ideas and guidance. At the end of each chapter is a summary of the key points and an exercise for you to try our your new technique.

Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or a single gal, I recommend that you read this book. It’s available at Amazon!

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