The “I am TOO OLD FOR THIS” List

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When I was in my 20’s, my husband and I drove up to North Carolina without stopping every. single. time.

We did it often – we made that 12 hour drive as much as three times in one summer! – and we never thought twice about it. We would alternative driving so that the other could nap, Angeline would sleep in the backseat (in her seat belt, of course), and when we arrived, we would drink a Coke to re-energize. We would think nothing of driving up for two or three days and driving back and going to work the next day.

As I am getting older, I find that my body does not handle that drive so well.

After leaving Miami Friday night around 9 pm, struggling to get comfortable enough to sleep in the moving vehicle, my legs falling asleep, my back aching…I realized something.

I am too old for this crap. 

I am too told for 14 hour non-stop drives. Especially when I have to turn around and repeat that drive on the way home three days later.

I was tired for our entire three days in Cherokee, North Carolina – I mean completely and utterly exhausted. Just as I began to recover from that drive, it was to do it again.

Next time…I’m flying.

While I am only 34, I still feel a huge difference in the way I live my life since I was, say, 28. There are times when I tell someone “I’m too old for this sh*t” – like Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon, each time Gibson wants him to do something that he doesn’t want to do.

Aside from 14 hour drives, I am too old for…

Clubbing – Techno and a dance floor full of sweaty 21 years on South Beach until 4 am? No thanks.

Drama – I do not have the patience to deal with drama queens anymore. I’ve cut them all out of my life.

Fried Food – I found out this weekend in Cherokee, North Carolina, that I can not take burgers, fried chicken and french fries every single day anymore – by day two, I was craving salad and fruits and veggies! I am simply too old to eat crap food.

Late Nights – Long past are the nights when I stayed out until 3 and 4 am…the only thing I want to do past midnight is SLEEP.


What are you too old to do anymore?

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  1. says

    I keep catching myself saying “people my age” when I really mean “people in their early twenties.” I’m too old to keep identifying myself with the young crowd! I’m no longer the youngest person at work, in my church group or anywhere else. It’s crazy!

  2. says

    This is my list, exactly! I discovered I was too old for all night driving this Christmas.

    I also am too old for settling. I want what I want. Not something just good enough.

  3. says

    We’ve got the same list! The only thing I would add is large DIY remodeling projects. I did my share when we first bought our house and I’m paying someone to do it in the future.

  4. says

    I hear you on the too old for 14 hour drives. I hate driving a long distance straight through, especially for a short vacation time. It drives me nuts!

  5. says

    LOL when we all went out at Brandcation I caught myself saying in my head quite a few times “Geez I am too old for this crap” LOL.

  6. says

    I would agree with Kelly on the DIY projects. My husband wants to swap out all the boards on our deck and restain, and it is about 650 sq. feet! There is no way we can crawl around on our knees for a week doing this!

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