The Home Remodel is Almost Done! *Knock on Wood*

If you’ve been following along with me on Twitter, then you know that we passed our electrical inspection last week and are putting the finishing touches on the house before we call for our master inspection.

Unfortunately, it’s not going as easily as I had hoped!

We had a few things that we had to do before we were able to call for the master inspection:

  • Rebuild a portion of a wall in our family room with plaster and dry wall patches
  • Plaster holes in walls in three rooms
  • Sand, sand, and sand again
  • Paint walls
  • Install new baseboards in family room
  • Paint all baseboards

Now, instead of touching up the paint in the bedrooms, we had to repaint them – because we ran out of the paint we originally used to paint the bedrooms and couldn’t get an exact color match. No biggie, right?

Except that during the process of painting my daughter’s room, she decided that she really, really wants a bedroom make over. Apparently, the blue and green decor that she thought was the bee’s knees when she was 8 isn’t so cool anymore!

We ended up painting her bedroom white and will be adding black and red touches – black pinstripes on the walls, and a few black and red accent pieces. I’ve already been adding items to my wishlist on ShopNBC to buy each item as I can afford it.

One of the most expensive items we will be buying is one of those new Serta mattresses - her current mattress is almost ten years old and even though she’s just now becoming a teenager and getting adult-sized, all those years of slumber parties and jumping on the bed (even though she’s not allowed) has taken its toll on her mattress!

I’ve been painting like a mad woman for the last week…caulking the new baseboards, painting them, adding plaster to the walls and sanding them, then painting them.

I’m about all painted out. It’s a good thing that I don’t have that much left to do!

The only painting I have left to do is to paint my daughter’s ceiling (it was still pink from her Hello Kitty stage) and to paint the baseboards in the family room and touch up the walls where I had to rebuild them with plaster. Luckily, I still a whole bucket of that paint left, so I only need to touch up.

And then?

I can call for my master inspection and this whole ordeal of legalizing our illegal additions will finally be over…

Three years later.



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