The Dos and Don’ts of Summer Skincare

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This week marks the official start of summer, which means beach vacations, lying out by the pool, barbecues, and just relaxing for the majority of us. While we may not have the lengthy summer vacation of our youth, we still try our best to get out and enjoy the summer as much as we can. However, our skin needs extra TLC during these months due to dry air conditioning, humid weather, and of course, the effects of sun exposure. Here are some do’s and don’ts to help you navigate summer skincare!

DO Drink a lot of water. If you live in a particularly warm climate, or even just an area with hot summers, you know the importance of staying hydrated. However, several glasses of water a day also help to flush out toxins and keep your skin glowing. If water is boring for you, add some lemon, cucumber, mint, or other fun flavor to keep it exciting.

DON’T Use overly drying cleansers. Your skin may have different needs now with humid weather, but chances are that you also spend a great deal of time indoors in dry air condition. A gentle cleanser can help regulate your skin without any added harsh chemicals.

DO Be sure to exfoliate. Dry, dull skin as well as overly oily skin can benefit from exfoliation. Whether you choose an exfoliating scrub or a more intense process like microdermabrasion at home, sloughing off the dead skin on your face will help reveal fresh, younger-looking skin. The use of undereye concealers can make a huge difference too! If you’re a newbie to microdermabrasion, check out kits and products online. Retailers like ShopNBC carry a great selection of products!

DON’T Bake in the sun. Sure, we’ve all heard that you “look so much healthier with a tan!” But the truth is that the sun is damaging – not only in the short term with sunburn, peeling , and general discomfort, but in the long term as well. Are wrinkles and sunspots worth it? Not really. That said …

DO Wear sunscreen daily. Try to wear at least SPF 15 at all times. Even if it’s cloudy, the sun can still penetrate with harmful UVA and UVB rays. If you hate the feeling of thick sunscreen on your face, opt for a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen, or try a super-light, non-comedogenic one.

DON’T Forget to have fun! Sure, taking care of your skin can seem like a lot of work, especially in the summer. But once you get the hang of it, this will become second nature. So put on your sunscreen, cleanse appropriately, and try out exfoliation for the best skin of the season!

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  1. says

    Well, I know that it’s really important with sunscreen, hubby is forced to use lots and lots of them – he has had several kind of milder skin cancer variants, which has been removed with all kind of tools: surgery, freezing them, different kind of immune boosting creams etc.

  2. Fiona N says

    Awesome! I thought I knew how to apply skincare but not really! Thank You So Much for sharing those great tips :-)

  3. Ara says

    Yes, I fully agree. It’s not easier to take proper care of your skin during summer but hopefully this is the season full of fresh fruit and vegetables so we can give the skin what she needs.
    I am one of those that sometimes forget that the sun is dangerous but I’m trying to convince myself that healthy skin is better than tan!

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