The App That Knows Your Beau is Cheating on You

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Priscilla Presley recently revealed, ‘I was not willing to share my man’. The ex-wife of the king of rock n’ roll Elvis Presley spoke in an interview that their relationship ended because she wasn’t willing to ‘share’ him and tolerate his ‘infidelities’.


Infidelity sucks! Nothing feels worse than being a second fiddle in someone’s life. If you have ever been cheated on in a relationship, then you know how it feels discovering your partner’s affairs. Infidelity is a dark practice now made even murky by the modern smartphone technology.

Though it allows people to remain connected better than ever it has brought forth its own drawbacks. Technology has enabled people to conduct extramarital affairs, both emotional and physical under the ‘digital cloak’. A recent research on cheating suggests that over 1/3rd of relationships have been affected by cheating.


So even if you suspect your beau of cheating, how can you tell for sure about his or her alleged relationship? The technology has finally come up with a solution to counter this misuse. Cell phone monitoring app such as xnspy promises tell you all the exact details of your partner’s alleged relationship.

If you suspect something fishy in your relationship and have tried everything else to save it and still couldn’t figure out the loophole, a cell phone tapping app could come handy as your last resort. But before you do so, make sure you know what you are putting yourself into. xnspy and many other monitoring apps are legal to use. They require a consent before you use it on someone’s phone but if you fail to do so, that’s on you.

Which supported devices to look for?

Most of the couples today use either an iPhone or an Android-based smartphone. xnspy cellphone tapping app can be installed on any of these major platforms without any trouble. If you are concerned about the model of your cheating partner’s device, then you need not worry as it is compatible with the latest versions of Android and iOS as well.

The app’s compatibility makes it a reliable source to monitor a cheating partner. The app is usually up-to-date and ready to use on latest software releases. Currently, it supports the following versions of Android and iOS:

  • iPhone Jailbreak Version 6.x up to 9.0.2
  • iPhone No Jailbreak Version 6.x up to 10.3.3
  • Android OS Versions 4.x up to 7.­­0


How does it work?

Installing an app can be tricky at times especially when you have to do it on your partner’s phone. Some people are not tech-savvy and they may have issues in using a new software. But this one is just right for them!

The installation procedure is simple and easy. All you need to do is to have your partner’s phone for a few moments to install the app on it. It usually takes no more than five minutes to install the app and you are ready to monitor the phone afterward. But before you install there are a few protocols to follow. Let me share them with you:

  • Before you install, make sure that your partner’s cell phone is compatible with the version of the app you are subscribing to.
  • You must have access to your partner’s phone for a few minutes to install the app
  • The internet must be available to download and install the app. So arrange for the uninterrupted supply of the internet.
  • To subscribe, go to their webpage and subscribe to a suitable package. Download and install it on the target phone and you are ready to use it!

Use these features to catch a cheating beau:

Xnspy is an amazing cellphone monitoring app with some potential features to pray upon your deceitful partner. I will explain only a few that can help you for this particular purpose.

Spy on his movement: Just as technology lets people send flowers to a loved one from across the globe, technology also facilitates affairs, making them easier to hide than ever before. Cheating partners can have secret meetings at undisclosed places. They would always show hints of infidelity but you just need to use this feature to track their movements. It gives you various options to track their locations. Let us see how

  1. Identify their current location: This feature enables you to follow your partner’s each and every moment in real time. You can now have accurate information about their location at a certain point of time.


  1. Location history: You will not be chasing them the whole day especially when you have a job and kids to look after. This feature is there to save your valuable time. You would receive your partner’s all the location history in the form of a ‘log’. So check it anytime of the day when you are free.
  • Track him with geofencing: You can now create a virtual geographic boundary around an area by using geofencing feature of this app. The app will notify you whenever your partner enters or leaves that certain area.


  1. Monitor who they call and text: Modern technology is a constant temptation due to its secrecy and prevalence. Smartphones are the safest hiding point for an infidel to keep in touch. Many long-distance illicit relationships are kept alive through communication only. This feature is used to keep tabs on a cheating partner’s calls and text messages. How can you do it? Let me explain…


  1. View their Call history: You can see all the incoming, outgoing and missed calls made from their phone. This feature provides you the call history with time, date and call duration stamps of every call. You will know about the suspicious numbers they have called the most by having access to their contact list.
  2. View their text messages: You will have access to all the messages in their inbox and you can see all the sent and received messages on the target phone. You can also see the date, time and the contact details of the messages in the inbox.


  • Listen to their call recording: If all above mentioned is not enough then you can listen to their calls. This cell phone taping app taps all the calls on the target phone and you can listen to them all.
  1. Remotely control their phone: This advanced feature gives you the leverage almost completely control the partner’s phone remotely. Even if the phone is not in your hands!

There are a few features under its umbrella that can prove lethal for busting a cheating beau. They are:

  1. Take live screenshots: You can use this feature at a certain time to know what your partner is doing on his/her phone. If he is chatting with someone then you can monitor the activity by taking the screenshot of the phone remotely.
  2. Block unwanted apps: People can seek out new partners via dating apps. Block any unwanted app that you feel is being used for any wrong purpose. This feature can be helpful for parents as well. You can also unblock the app later if you want to.
  • View all the installed apps: You can see all the installed apps on the target phone. See which app they are using the most and you can lock it anytime you like remotely.


  1. Create ‘Watchlist’ to control what you see: You are too busy to look into every tiny detail of your cheating beau while at the same time you have to maintain some semblance of privacy for the partner. The xnspy cell phone monitoring app will monitor all the specific details you wish to monitor through its ‘Watchlist’ feature.


  1. Watchlist specific contacts: You can create a watchlist that includes all the numbers you want to monitor. You will be notified every time those specific numbers are dialed on the target phone.
  2. Watchlist specific words: You can make a watchlist with all the words you seem suspicious. Every time any such word is used in the conversations, you will be instantly alerted.
  • Watchlist specific locations: when certain locations are added to the watchlist feature you are notified when the target person checks in or checks out of those locations.

Pricing & Lowdown

Since you do not have to use a lie detector to catch a cheating partner now, the app has a decent price that fits everyone’s pocket. The price that you have to pay depends on the type of package you subscribe for. The app offers two different packages with varying features:

  • Basic
  • Premium

These packages are available on the monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. The iPhone and Android, both have different packages. The app is amazingly affordable and you can start using the app by paying as low as $12.49 a month!

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