Tattoos They’ll Be Sure To Regret

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When I was 22, my boyfriend (now husband) and I went down to Key West for a weekend and I ended up in a chair at Paradise Tattoo – and walked out with a quarter-sized butterfly on my back.

10 years later, I was having it covered up…because I regretted getting it about 5 seconds after I walked out of the tattoo parlor. It was just so…silly!

I came across a photo of a tattoo online this evening that I couldn’t help but laugh at; I think the woman who got this is going to have one of those “what the hell was I thinking?!” moments of their own in the very near future.

I know that in your 20’s, this is a pretty cool tattoo. I know that I like to drop the F bomb as much as the next person. But to tattoo an obscene word on a highly visible place on your body…

Let’s put it this way: what are your potential employers going to think when you go to shake their hand at the conclusion of an interview?

Um…bows? Really? Those bows are going to look pretty silly when you’re celebrating your 60th birthday party.

This actually makes me feel a little sympathy – poor thing came up with a sweet sentiment, but obviously it should have read “Happiness is real when IT is shared” – I hope she didn’t tip the tattoo artist!

When you’re young, alluding to “tits and ass” might seem pretty cheeky and cool. But what are you going to say when your grandchildren ask you what that means?


This has got to be the worst one…Yes, it’s incredibly romantic. But let’s get real, this is just plain old dumb!

Have you seen any crazy tattoos that you think the owners will regret?

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  1. says

    Oh gosh, that last one is so creepy. I don’t think it’s permanent marker either because you can see the redness around the ink. There’s some good decision making skills for sure.

  2. says

    I think pretty much any tattoo choice is regrettable (seeing one makes me want to grab soap and water and start to scrubbin!)… but I’ve seen some that are really done tastefully and professionally…

  3. says

    Spot on right with the tattoo blog. And how about all those bizarre piercing locations? Honestly I will not hire you if you have a hole in your lip, tongue nose, eyebrow- or jewelry in them either. I cant help it. It looks hideous and like you have a cutting problem, and I can never put you in front of a client. But how do you convince a 20 something that she’s gonna regret it 10-20-30 years from now? I know I wouldn’t have listened to me back then. just glad we didn’t have the piercing trend in my day..

  4. aunt heidi says

    I have a friend who wanted Papa Smurf on her back…about quarter sized…this was many years ago…i think i was about 15….she got it…it’s HUGE!!! i asked what she was going to tell her grandkids one day…she said she was just going to say…thats grandpa….lol i love yours btw! the phoenix is beautiful!

  5. Alicia Sneed says

    I have a small one representing my 2 oldest kids. I love it! It’s definitely in a place that usually isn’t seen by other people though. I do regret the small cross I have on my hand though :-/

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