Taking Better Care of Myself in 2012 with 4X Pro-B Probiotics! #DigestiveCare #CBias

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So, the year is already almost a quarter of the way over…and I am just now getting serious about my diet and exercise routine. Better late than never, right?

I always look to the Atkins diet when I want to lose weight in a healthy way. I don’t gorge on bacon and cheese while on Atkins, I follow it like it’s supposed to be done, with lots of veggies and lean proteins. The one negative side effect of doing a low carbohydrate diet for me is that it messes with my digestion. I won’t go into details, but I’ll just say that I knew I needed to take a probiotic supplement when I started the Atkins diet again this year in order to stay comfortable.

Why take a supplement? Because I don’t want to have to force feed myself Activia yogurt on a daily basis! Taking a supplement like 4X pro-B Digestive Care is so much easier! I take a pill with breakfast and that’s it, I am done for the day!

I received a three week supply a while back and just finished taking them. Honestly, I noticed a different right before I hit the two week mark. Right before my trial supply ran out, I ordered a new supply online at Costco.com – it was only $21.99 and that included shipping and handling!

The entire ordering process was very simple, and only took a few minutes. I’ve always loved shopping at Costco, and now I love shopping at Costco.com too! You can learn more about the awesome products available at Costco.com on the Costco Facebook page!

You can see my full shopping story in this Google+ story.

After losing a few pounds on Atkins, and taking my 4X Pro-B Digestive Care supplements daily, I feel better in general, but I want to take that even further. I’ve loaded my fridge with lots of veggies and healthy snack options like fruit and low-calorie Slim-Fast shakes!

I recently bought a new elliptical trainer and have started getting more exercise as well as continuing my health eating habits. Along with that, I’ve also been working out on my Gaiam Balance Ball along to workout videos on GaiamTV.

The last week or two, I’ve had so much going on that I haven’t been eating properly, but I am trying to get back on track now – my sister’s wedding is coming up and I want to look my best (and feel my best for the cruise my daughter and I are taking afterwards!).

What I really love about taking the 4X Pro-B Digestive Care Probiotic supplement from Costco.com is that I can just look right on the back of the box and see exactly what’s in it and what makes it work!

I’ll check back in after a few weeks and let you know how my diet and exercise routine is going! In the meantime, what are you doing in 2012 to get healthy – or to stay healthy?

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias, but all opinions are my own. #CBias

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