Take the Magnum Ice Cream Personality Quiz!

It’s August and the summer is winding down. The back to school season is upon us and things can get hectic! Remember to stop and breathe, give yourself credit for hard work and celebrate your victories. You deserve to indulge now and then, you’ve earned it! Soak in a hot bath, read your favorite book, or grab a delicious sweet treat.

Indulgences never felt or tasted so good. You love enjoying your sweets, especially when you look so good eating them! Magnum is the most premium, sophisticated and indulgent chocolate and ice cream experience imaginable, made with Belgian Chocolate, created with pleasure seekers in mind.

Safeway and Magnum Ice Cream want you to Discover your Chocolaty Bliss! Have a toast to blissful, chocolaty pleasure and head into a Safeway and grab a participating box of Magnum for $1 off! (Offer valid in-store.)


Discover your Chocolaty Bliss, by taking the Magnum personality quiz. Answer questions to reveal your Magnum flavor profile, then enter for a chance to win a variety of prizes. I took the quiz and got Gold as my result.

When you want a luscious
caramel swirl with a hint of sea salt, grab a golden chocolatey bar that’s
as bright and exciting as you are.

Gold Bright and Exciting

I can tell you whatever my result was, I could easily eat any of the varieties as my indulgence! Magnum ice cream bars are a truly decadent way to treat yourself.

Go take the quiz and get your coupon here: safeway.com/ShopStores/partner/unilever/magnum-ice-cream.page?cid=sbo.694.9889.2505

Now it’s your turn – share a link to your e-card result in the comments below!



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