The Jenny Craig Starter Kit is Back at Walmart! #JennyCraigKit

I was provided a free Jenny Craig Weight Loss Starter Kit. However, the opinions expressed are entirely me own.  The Jenny Craig starter kit is back at Walmart, and its better than ever. If you’ve always wanted to try Jenny Craig, but you weren’t certain if it was right for you, now’s the time to take…

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Pomegranate Arnold Palmer Recipe

Go Back to School with a Bigelow Tea Pomegranate Arnold Palmer

As you might recall from posts over the last year, I’ve been adopting a healthier lifestyle for myself and my family. What does Bigelow Tea and Back to School drinks have to do with this? One of the biggest transitions our family has made was to kick the soda habit. Sure, I still indulge now…

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International Delight Light Iced Coffee Hits Walmart Shelves 1/21!

One of the worst parts of trying to lose weight is giving up some of our favorite foods that are too high in calories, sugar or fat for our diet plan. I am on a very restrictive diet and haven’t been able to have my International Delight Iced Coffee since October! When I heard that International…

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disney princess royal ball augmented reality app walmart

Walmart Layaway Makes it Easier to Spoil the Kids with Disney Princess Toys!

The downside to being the oldest of four kids in the family is that I have to wait longer than anyone else to have nieces and nephews! I have two nieces and one nephew so far and suffice it so say, they are adequately spoiled come the holidays! My sister is now separated and raising…

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the amazing spiderman web slinger app comic book

Web Slinging Fun with The Amazing Spider-Man Movie Night! #SpidermanWMT #cbias

There are definitely perks to being a blogger…like knowing that Walmart was going to have advanced copies of the Amazing Spider-Man a week before the movie was going to be officially released! I received an advanced copy of the Amazing Spider-Man on Blu-ray earlier this week, but Angeline and I took a trip to Walmart…

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photo (21)

Halloween Smarties Candy Creepy Crawly Tutorial #IAMASMARTIE

There are so many allergies out there that it’s hard to keep them all straight. Nut allergies, dairy allergies, soy allergies, gluten-free diets… Half the time I am making treats for guests or gift-recipients, I have no idea what to make to avoid killing someone through an allergic reaction. When Halloween time rolls around, I…

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poise fab 5 products at walmart

Menopause Awareness Month – What Will the Change Bring? #PoiseFab5

I did something this week that I usually avoid doing at all possible costs: I thought about getting older. Why would do such a horrible thing? Well, because it’s time! I’ll be turning 35 soon, which is the age my mother was when she began the early stages of menopause – perimenopause. I know, it’s…

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marvels avengers augemented reality app

Family Movie Night: Marvel’s The Avengers & Super Hero Augmented Reality app

Have you heard that Marvel’s the Avengers Blu-ray combo pack with graphic novel is now available at Walmart? Well, it is! I love Marvel’s The Avengers. Seriously, what is not to love? The action sequences, the incredible special effects, the drama, the IRON MAN. *swoon* We saw the movie t h r e e  t i m e…

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peachy cinnabon breakfast bread recipe

Cinnabon Cinnamon Streusel Recipe…with Del Monte Peaches! #SmartSnack

I think that the hardest part of getting ready for the new school year is getting back into the school day routine. Part of that routine is waking Angeline up for school and having breakfast together…and because high school starts at 7:30, as opposed to 9 like middle school, I know that I will not…

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white chocolate chip coffee cake recipe

White Chocolate Coffee Cake Recipe

I love baking. The only thing I love more than baking is eating what I’ve baked immediately when it comes out of the oven. Especially when it’s this White Chocolate Coffee Cake Recipe made with real coffee and white chocolate chips – could it get any better? Not really. I’ve been on a International Delight…

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