miami rescue mission community center

Champions for Kids Makes Summer More Fun for the Kids! #OdwallaCFK

On Friday morning, I knew I had a busy day of ahead of me. I was scheduled to take our foster kitten, Mary Poppins, back to the Humane Society so that she should be spayed and adopted out. After that, I had an appointment at the Miami Rescue Mission’s Youth Center to donate some sporting…

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help them play

Helping Kids at Miami Rescue Mission’s Youth Center Get Active #OdwallaCFK #Cbias

A few days ago, I asked around to see who would be able to help me gather together sporting equipment for the Youth Center at the Miami Rescue Mission. Since I wasn’t able to get any items donated, I decided to take a trip to my local Walmart to purchase some items myself. I had…

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champions for kids energizer light up a life gift basket

Creating a Light Up a Life Gift Basket for Miami Rescue Mission #EnergizerCFK #CBias

Last week, I went shopping at my local Walmart Super Center for supplies to create an Energizer Light Up a Life gift basket for our local homeless shelter, as part of a simple service project for Champions for Kids. I wanted to create a gift basket full of emergency supplies for a child to keep…

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champions for kids

Light Up a Life with Champions for Kids Care Kits! #EnergizerCFK #CBias

Here in Miami, we are often unprepared when Winter arrives. We don’t always get really cold weather, so when we do, many people are without heating systems, warm clothes and the proper supplies to get them through the cold spells! We always make emergency preparedness kits for summers because of Hurricane season, so I know…

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