Styling Tips and Tricks for Thinning Hair #Hairapy #WomensRogaine

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This post was developed in partnership with Women’s Rogaine®. All opinions are my own.

While many men fear the dreaded receeding hair line and thinning hair that comes with age, it’s not JUST MEN that suffer from these issues. In my family, the WOMEN are the ones who suffer from thinning hair and hair loss as we enter middle age and beyond. Just one more thing for us women to look forward to, right? It’s crazy! I’ve heard about Rogaine for men for years, but it wasn’t until recently that I found out there is Women’s Rogaine® products too! I have this head of thick hair and I really, really want to keep it that way as I age…


Hereditary hair loss isn’t just my imagination either, it’s a real thing! In women, Hereditary Hair Loss is the most common cause of hair loss, accounting for 90% of cases. It’s a genetic condition stemming from either the mother or father’s side of the family and is commonly recognized by women in their 30s as a “diffuse” thinning over the top of the head and along the part.

The good news is that hereditary hair loss is treatable if you know what to look out for so that you can treat it early on!

Some of the common signs are:

  • Thinning Hair – hair loses volume and density over time
  • Hair Shedding – increased hair accumulation in shower, pillow, and hair brush.  Most people lose between 50-100 hairs a day, which is considered normal hair loss; a consistent loss of 150 hairs a day is considered significant hair loss.  If hair loss is sudden or patchy, consult a medical professional.
  • Widening part or visible scalp – increased scalp visibility is a definite sign of hair loss

I am 38 now, and I’ve noticed a slight change in my hair once I hit 35…it’s something I discuss with my hair stylist quite often. It looked like a hamster died in my shower drain around this time, and my hair wasn’t as full and luscious as it used to be…for me, my hair is MY THING. I was freaking out! This is not something I was going to take lying down!


Styling Tips and Tricks for Thinning Hair from Celebrity Stylist Jill Crosby

To help us ladies keep our hair looking our best, regardless of our age, I’m sharing a few Styling Tips and Tricks for Thinning Hair from Celebrity Stylist Jill Crosby. This lady knows what she’s doing when it comes to hair – it’s her business!

Talk about thinning hair with your stylist! “Don’t be afraid to bring up any hair concerns with your stylist! We’ve heard it all – especially when it comes to thinning hair – and we’ll help you navigate the journey to hair regrowth. I personally recommend Women’s Rogaine® 5% Minoxidil Foam to my clients as an easy, over-the-counter product that works.”


A clean scalp is a happy scalp! Jill Crosby says “Keeping the scalp clear of waxy buildup creates a better environment for hair regrowth. I recommend shampooing every other day, for every type of hair.”

Embrace those styling tools! “You can use all of the same tools and techniques, just with less heat and less tension. The key here is gentle. Ask your salon stylist to ease up on the heat and tension, and use a light touch with towels and hairbrushes at home.”

Switch up your part! Jill Crosby says “Experiment with flipping your part to the opposite side. By adding a little texture spray to the roots you can get a new voluminous flip started. Or try a look without a defined part – sometimes with fine hair parts can expose too much scalp.”

This is something that my hair stylist also recommended to me…I have been wearing the SAME hair style for most of my adult life, and it realy suits my face, so she recommended that I just flip the part to change things up!


If you aren’t familiar with Women’s Rogaine®, you should know that it’s made with a 5% Minoxidil Foam and is the first and only FDA-approved, once daily application hair regrowth treatment for the scalp exclusively for women experiencing hereditary hair loss. The Rogaine® brand is the #1 dermatologist recommended brand for hair regrowth!! You really can’t beat results like that!

With continued use once a day every day, Women’s Rogaine® 5% Minoxidil Foam is clinically proven to regrow up to 25% more hair in 3 months. Make sure to stick with it to maintain results! Women’s Rogaine® 5% Minoxidil Foam is easy to use. You just use it once daily in the morning or evening; simply dispense the product onto a non-porous surface, part hair to help maximize scalp exposure and massage it directly onto the scalp. Of course, you need to allow it to completely dry before styling as usual.


You can find Women’s Rogaine® 5% Minoxidil Foam for a MSRP of $29.99 for a two-month supply, or $49.99 for a four-month supply at Walgreens and! You can find out more about Women’s Rogaine® here.

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  1. says

    This is good to know!! My hair is pretty thick right now… but I also haven’t hit 35 yet! Definitely something to keep my eye on. Love having volume in my hair.

  2. says

    Nice to know there are options out there for women when it comes to hair loss. That would be easy enough to use to help prevent or repair thinning hair.

  3. says

    Women definitely can experience hair loss, it has happened to some of my friends. I have heard good things about Rogaine and I’m glad you are having a good experience with it too. Love the styling tips!

  4. says

    I can’t imagine – while I have gone gray way to young, I have plenty of that gray hair. Great tips and it’s so good just to always chat with others to know what’s out there. So glad women can count on this.

  5. says

    I have to share this with one of my good friends. She’s always been so proud of her hair, but lately it’s starting to get really thin, and she’s freaking out.

  6. says

    My wife has been going through this for a year, now. She always has to check in the mirror to make sure there aren’t any “bald spots” showing (areas where her hair is so thin she can see the scalp).

    It’s nice to know that there is Women’s Rogaine to help women like my wife. I didn’t even know it was a thing until it happened to the love of my life!

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