Stroll the beach in style this summer in Aerin Rose Swimwear!

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I spend a ton of time outdoors during the summer, whether it be in the pool or at the beach. Like most women, I have a hard time finding a bathing suit that fits me and is flattering – especially when it comes to bikinis!

When I was planning my trip to Pensacola Beach a few weeks ago, I knew that the only thing I really needed was a new bathing suit. I didn’t want to be seen on this gorgeous beach in my old ratty, ill-fitting monstrosity of a bikini!

When I heard about Aerin Rose Swimwear, I was immediately interested, because get this: they are bra-sized. Don’t know what that means? It means that tops, instead of being small, medium or large, are based on your bra size – so you know that you are getting a perfect fit!

And while the top did fit me perfectly, I guess I haven’t progressed far enough in my weight loss to wear a size medium bottom yet…because my bottom was a little tight on me when I went to try on my suit to take to Pensacola Beach.

Can we say muffin top?

Luckily, I still have the entire summer to lose that last few pounds so that I strut my stuff in my pretty Aerin Rose Swimsuit!

What I really love about Aerin Rose Swimwear is the selection – they literally have a ton of styles to choose from, in different colors that you can mix and match as well! I went with the Parrot Fish design because it’s perfect for tropical locations and the color scheme is very complimentary to my skin tone.

Another thing I really like about the bikini I received is that is is so well made, you can tell it’s probably going to last a long time. The fabric is thick enough that I don’t have to worry about it fading and wearing thin after I wash it a lot – which I tend to do because we use the pool all summer long!

You can check out Aerin Rose on Facebook to see all of their great styles – they seriously have everything from bikinis to one piece bathing suits – I’m thinking about getting a one piece for my daughter for this summer too!

I love that while they do have tiny bikini bottoms, they also have full coverage bottoms, tanga bottoms and little swim skirts so that you can still wear a bikini and feel confident about your body. The same goes for their tops – they have triangle style bikini tops, halter tops and tops that are shaped like regular bras, like the one I had. I know how hard it can be to find a bathing suit to suit your body, and it makes it so much easier to shop when you have so many options!


Are you in the market for a new swimsuit? I highly recommend that you check out Aerin Rose Swimwear!


I received a media sample to facilitate this review. While my bottom did fit me a little too tightly, it was my own fault for not being realistic with what would fit my ample backside, and it is just lovely! Just keeping it real! 

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