Animal Planet Documentary Mermaids The Body Found – Are Mermaids Real?

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Have you seen the Mermaids The Body Found documentary on The Animal Planet?

I kind of love anything on television that has to do with weird or mystical creature stuff. Vampires, Werewolves and exotic animals totally grab my attention!

So when I heard that the Animal Planet was going to air a show on a possible mermaid sighting, I grabbed the remote and set my DVR for Mermaids The Body Found…especially after I saw a clip talking about a Mermaid spear in a great white shark!

The two hour long Mermaids The Body Found documentary began with two {alleged} scientists from NOAA who told the story of how they were investigating Navy sonar blasts and the subsequent beached whales over the course of a few years, beginning in Washington State in 1997. Apparently, the Navy was experimenting with sonar blasts and Navy bloops, which killed the whales. Of course, the Navy denied it, but the whales showed evidence of sonar damage on their skin…this is, of course, according to the documentary {mockumentary?}.

Two little boys discovered the beached whales and some unidentified marine life, and then the Navy at one point limited the involvement of NOAA…

Which immediately raised suspicion, because it is pretty much NOAA’s job to investigate events like beached whales. On public record was a digital recording that they had taken during the time…NOAA scientists refer to the Navy recording as “The Bloop” and it contained sounds that were previously unidentified.

They compared it to dolphins, but it wasn’t dolphins – it was much more complex! The scientists at NOAA decided that they might have stumbled upon an unidentified species. At this point, Mermaids: The Body Found documentary began hinting that they found evidence of mermaids.

In the early 2000’s, a beached whale event in South Africa caused the scientists to go there to investigate as well. While they were there, they discovered a great white shark that had eaten something…strange. Along with the strange contents of the shark’s stomach was a puncture near it’s mouth, from which a scientist removed a sting ray barb. The scientists were puzzled by this because great white sharks don’t hunt and eat sting rays! Spoiler alert: they made it seem like it was a mermaid spear!

Mermaids The Body Found

Mermaids The Body Found began telling the story of how over the course of history, fisherman have always caught very strange things in their nets when deep sea fishing. They showed photos of very strange spears made from fish bones, hinting that they were mermaid spears!

What they removed from the great white’s stomach shocked and amazed the NOAA scientists – it had a piece of a tail fin, but nothing like a fish’s. It had a collapsible rib cage, a partial bit of skull with a ridged top, and a hip system.


Most sea mammals don’t have hips!

Mermaids The Body Found documentary used mostly CGI animation to recreate what they said had happened, and to show viewers the likely scenarios of how ancient humans (who looked like apes) may have become adapted to an aquatic lifestyle and eventually evolved into mermaids.

Mermaids The Body Found

It was pretty far fetched…but not really, if you believe in evolution and have an imagination.

It was pretty fascinating, and by the end of the show, I began to think that it was entirely possible that mermaids existed. Or, rather, I wanted to believe that it was possible that mermaids existed.

Until…they showed a “camera phone” recording that the Navy had supposedly not thought to confiscate when they interviewed the two boys who were the first to arrive at the beached whale event in 1997.

It showed the boys walking up to a clump of what looked like seaweed…and then a mermaid jumped up at them.


They kind of had me going until that video. There were so many things wrong with that part of their story that it almost ruined the show for me.

  • Who had a cellular phone with video capabilities in 1997? Let alone, a child of all people?
  • In the video, you can hear the sound of the waves on the shore, and the mermaid making a squealing noise…but neither of the boys makes a single sound the entire time – not even to say, “Hey come look at this!” Or, “Look at all of those dead whales!” Not even a “Holy Crap, a freaking mermaid!!” I find it very unbelievable that two boys stumbled across that scene and didn’t make a single sound the entire time…
  • Do you really mean to tell me that after the NAVY captured the mermaid, grilled the kids over and over again about “what they saw” that the kids didn’t mention to them, “Oh, we also video taped it.”
  • Two little boys never told ANYONE about the video?


Since I first watched Mermaids: The Body Found on The Animal Planet, it has come to my attention that while they were rolling the credits, they admitted that the entire thing was made up.

Yeah, not such a shocker there…but it’s still fun to watch!

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  1. says

    I video cell phone in 1997? I kinda agree with your thoughts. Though a mermaid sounds exotic, but not those nasty ones from Pirates of the Caribbean LOL.

  2. says

    I saw the show, too, and I always suppose that stories like this have at least some basis in fact but it also makes me wonder what “they’re” NOT telling us. LOL

  3. says

    Yeah, in case anyone was actually thinking this was real, our old friend Snopes comes to the rescue:

    I love love LOVE Animal Planet, but I really wish they’d back off the kooky stuff like this and that stupid “Finding Bigfoot” show. I’m actually embarrassed for those guys. Give me that hot “River Monsters” guy any day of the week, and if you want to run hours-long marathons of THAT show instead of “Infested!” be my guest!

  4. says

    I flipped through the channels and caught a bit of it. It was a little too far fetched for me to watch, but hey it would be cool if there were mermaids.

  5. says

    Damn, I thought that my dream of marrying a mermaid might actually come true. I was all set to learn about the secret hiding spot. Oh well, sometimes your dreams remain dreams.

  6. amy v says

    i heard of the show but didn’t get around to watching it and forgot to DVR it! After reading your review…well I’m not so disappointed i missed it! you make good points! lol

  7. Celticat says

    First off, the video phone was done in 2004, according to the diatribe presented by the scientist Paul Roberts…not 1997. So, having a vid phone in 2004 is highly probable. As for the film, it is a fake as you look to the skyline and see the birds flying everywhere as the two boys approach, but when the creature rears up there is only one line of birds in the entire skyline, flying perfectly still in the air. Despite all that, it is an intriguing look into a possible species that does exist, and it was interesting to see the POSSIBLE evolution of a branch of Humanity; the Aquatic Ape theory.

    • says

      Agreed, I really loved the idea of presenting a new species and I found the Aquatic Ape completely possible…that video just really irritated me!

  8. Oscar Turbes says

    The fist bloop was recorded in 1997 … but the “footage” was made by a cell phone with camera in 2004, not 1997. Please watch the documentary again with attention.

  9. melody says

    Yes, a lot of the show was cgi, except you are forgetting something….the VERY REAL Scientists.
    and the Largest Thing:
    NOTHING…other than whales, etc…..can BREATHE in water that deep. If they were in a Bathyscape……NOTHING HUMAN could breathe outside it. And you can TELL they were in unbreathable waters by looking at where they were. If nothing human can breathe that deep….then why is it so Hard for people to believe we are the only thing out there. Think of evolution. or animals that mutated to live on land after the ice age.

  10. Colin Leslie Beadon says

    Oh well, everybody is forgetting the wonderful now very old film ‘Mr Peabody and the Mermaid. ” the film had really good stars in it, and, as as a kid I really wished it was true and I could find a mermaid of my own. Colin

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