Sometimes I Buy Dresses That Don’t Fit Me.

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Angeline and I went shopping yesterday at the Ross and TJ Maxx in our local mall.

I love Ross and TJ Maxx – I can always find great clothing and home goods at lower prices than Macy’s and they have a funky mixture of items that I can’t find anywhere else!

Angeline needed a new backpack and some jeans for school – she starts high school on Monday! – and I was looking for a formal gown for my upcoming visit to Magic Castle in Los Angeles. I will be traveling with my friend Lee of Entertainment ExactLee – she’s an entertainment blogger (in case you missed that “Entertainment ExactLee” part), and she has secured us a reservation at the Magic Castle Hotel! Now, I do have formal gowns (I was a bridesmaid in two different weddings in the past year) but because I have recently quit smoking…they don’t fit.

I’ve gained weight.

For what it would cost to have any of my gowns altered, I can easily buy a new one at a place like Ross or TJ Maxx.


Long story short, I did find one beautiful dark blue gown at Ross but it was too small on me. As in, I could get it on and zip it up, but that whole breathing thing just wasn’t happening. I decided to make a trip to the other Ross in a different neighborhood to check for other options.

Which brings me to today’s post.

Sometimes I buy clothes that don’t fit me…just because I want them.

I tell myself, “Self, this dress is only $12.99. It is practically free. You need to buy this dress. You might fit into it one day.”

Or…”You can always wear a cardigan with this dress so no one can see that it doesn’t zip up in the back.”

What, you’ve never done that?!

While shopping for gowns, I did happen upon this adorable little coral sundress. I fell in love with it! While I don’t normally shop in the Juniors department, the color caught my eye and I snatched it up and ran to the fitting room.

Exhibit A: Adorable Dress That Looks Perfect On Me

I was prancing around the dressing room, feeling like I won the lottery with this $12.99 dress that looked like it was made for me…and then I went to zip it up.

Exhibit B: DAMN IT. 

The dress was too small. Now, I did actually get it zipped up almost all the way, but as soon as I let go of the zipper, it fell back down. It is a size 7/8, which I would normally be able to wear…

But I’ve gained a few pounds recently due to my travels and I just quit smoking.

So…I did what any shopaholic crazy gal would do in this situation.

I bought the dress anyway.

You know, just in case I ever lose this weight…it was only $12.99!

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  1. says

    That dress is so adorable! I’m the same way when I stumble on name brands at yard sales and consignments shops (only way I really shop for clothing, lol). I bought a Betsey Johnson dress in a size small….just because it was $10!

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