Slot Machines That Are Famous In The USA

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No doubt that fans from different countries have their own preferences regarding choosing a slot machine to play. Here it is written about tastes of players in the USA. Some people enjoy making stakes with the help of real casino in fashionable hotel, where expensive food and drinks are given and the other one like virtual gambling, which you can play sitting on your sofa. Here you can find one. So, let us start describing the most popular slots.

Blazing Sevens

It is a legendary model that was developed by Bally company. Gamblers began to play this slot machine in 1970. Later, this slot was innovated several times with a new look. But it still pleases gambling fans.

In Blazing Sevens there is progressive jackpot that starts at one thousand dollars and increases with every bet. If a player wants to win, he must bet three coins. Remember, if everything else fails, is always there to satisfy your gambling needs.


Red, White and Blue

Red, White and Blue was created by IGT company and appeared in American casino, when the audience practically did not know the other slots, except for the classic machines with three reels. Since then it was renewed and some additional functionality was added. But machine didn’t lose it’s special thing. Now it has modern look. Key symbols a player can see on the game screen are red, white and blue sevens, which form different combinations. Also, Bar stripes and stars on the reels are depicted.

Double Diamond

Double Diamond was also manufactured by IGT. It is a decent sample of classical slot game. Its first appearance in casino dates back to 1989. And we must admit that it became the prototype for dozens of machines, that were created later in the same style.

On drums of Double Diamond, it is shown Seven, Bar, and other traditional symbols. The picture of diamond doubles the payout of the win combination. This idea with diamond wasn’t new at that time, but developers had realized such feature in the most successful way. And that was the key to success.


The WMS company hit the bull’s-eye when it decided to release the first slot machine, which was dedicated to board game “Monopoly”. Now there are great varieties with three and five reels and some interesting features.


Wheel of Fortune

Slot machine was also made by IGT company. No American casino exists without this gaming machine. The model was developed by the studio Anchor Games and this studio was bought by IGT later. Of course, Wheel of Fortune has different versions, but the most popular is the original one.

And what slot machine do you like most of all? It will be interesting to hear your opinion.

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