Shakeology Review – Does it really Work?

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We are dedicated to find the best diet product which is going to bring actual value and significant effects for your weight-loss campaigns. With this in mind, we’ve come across Shakeology. We took it upon ourselves to examine the facts behind the product and to take a look at hundreds of user reviews and different experiences. So, without any further ado, let’s go ahead and take a look at the reality.

What is Shakeology?

This is a popular line of shakes which are designed to replace certain meals of the day. Shakeology shakes are created through the mixture of whey protein, proprietary adaptogen blend, probiotic enzyme blend, sacha inchi, pea, papain, camucamu and a wide range of different ingredients of the kind. There are a lot of different flavours that you can take advantage of such as chocolate, vanilla, greenberry, strawberry and many others. The products were first introduced in 2011 by BeachBody. Even though we managed to find out a few positive comments and that the ingredients are mainly natural, there are a few things that need your further attention so keep reading.

A Bit More Expensive

The products are actually quite pricey. The actual price of this product is about $130 which is good for about 30 servings. So basically you are paying about $4 for a meal replacement. If you consume two of these a day, which is usually the norm, you will need two different purchases per month, amounting to about $260 in expenses. Sure, some people might find this inconsiderable, but for the average person, $260 for meal substitutes are definitely quite a lot.

Several Complaints

Once we decided to take a look at the actual customer reviews, there seem to be quite a lot of complaints about the product. Certain people shared that it actually has an awful taste and nothing even closely resembling the advertised tastes of fruits or chocolate, for instance. Of course, it’s also worth noting that there are quite a lot of positive reviews as well. A lot of people effectively shared that this is by far the best product of the kind after trying many others who’ve failed at achieving the goals.

Is The Science Backed Up?

In our attempt to find actually backed up science behind the product, we discovered that there is none. Even though certain reports definitively state that meal replacements are capable of helping you manage your weight, that’s not nearly enough to make a decisive statement that the product is backed by actual science. In any case, we like the fact that there are a lot of natural substances behind the Shakeology formula. That’s admirable. However, for the hefty price tag and hyped up introduction, we definitely expected a lot more from a huge company of the kind, and that’s why we were rather disappointed.

Instead, you might want to try out Leptigen – an actual supplement with real hard data behind it, scientifically determining that it’s capable of helping you manage your weight particularly good.

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