Rock Your Brand with Business Cards by Moo

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A funny thing happened this summer while I was at my first blogging conference.

People liked my business cards.

Like, they really liked my business cards!

As it turns out, my idea to showcase some of my amazing travel photos on the back of my cards, and putting my photo on the front along with my contact information?

Not many people do that. 

People kept commenting on my business cards all summer; they were impressed with the weight of the cards, the finish, the clarity of the photos, the rounded corners – everyone was impressed.

Well, of course they were impressed, I was using business cards by Moo!

I have placed no less than five orders for Moo business cards this year, and honestly? I don’t see myself ever ordering from another company.


So when I was approached by Moo after meeting one of their reps in the Expo Hall at BlogHer with an offer for a promo code for my next order of cards?

I squealed!

I love being able to work with brands that I already love to pieces. It’s the best part of my job as a blogger!

So, these are some of the cards I’ve had this year, thanks to Moo. I’ve used a Klout Perk, placed regular orders, used the BlogHer promo, etc.

Things I love about business cards by Moo:

  • You can add as many photos as you’d like to the back – so you will receive a certain amount of each photo
  • You can choose from pre-designed templates or totally create your own, like I did with my photos
  • Moo’s card stock is thicker than your average business card, so it really makes an impression
  • Shipping is super fast, considering that they ship from the UK
  • You can order regular sized, or mini Moos, which are super cute and a less expensive option
With my promo code from Moo, I placed an order for new business cards that will include my new venture, my travel-only blog,

This is where it gets tricky…and where the awesomeness of business cards by Moo really comes in handy!

So, I have two blogs that I want to represent, and while I have branded The Rebel Chick as a blog that is all about the adventure of life (travel, food, family), now that I have Happy Travels, all of my travel will be going onto that blog.

How do I represent two different blogs on ONE SINGLE BUSINESS CARD?

Easy with Moo! Remember, you can upload tons of different photos to showcase on your Moo business cards, so this is what I did:

On my information, I listed all of my blogs, social media, contact info, etc (along with my photo, of course).

Then on the back of the cards, I alternated photos – half of them refer to The Rebel Chick and half refer to Happy Travels.

I essentially have two separate business cards in this package, for one price.

You can get 200 custom-designed business cards from Moo for about $80 + shipping.

And they are worth every single penny.

Aside from the gorgeous rounded corner business cards that I created for myself, Moo offers other business card options, like:

  • Facebook cards
  • Luxe Business cards
  • Minicards
  • Gloss Business cards
  • Classic Business cards
Prices start at around $19.99 and all business card packages include handy cases for you to store your own business cards, as well as the cards you collect from others. That’s what that black box is in the photo above!

Guess what else they make?

Post cards! Greeting Cards! Stickers and labels!

Seriously, if you haven’t checked out Moo yet? You’re missing out.

But be warned, once you start using Moo business cards, you won’t ever want to use another company. I am a fan for life. 

Check out Moo business cards and other fun stuff at!

I received a promotional code to purchase my latest Moo business card order, but all opinions are my own. Moo business cards rock. 

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      Thank you! :) I thought I was so original with my idea of having the photos on the back but now everyone is doing it. LOL Now I need to come up with a new idea!

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