Quality Time With Your Daughter Counts for More Than You Realize #KotexMom

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When I was pregnant, I was so hopeful that I would have a girl! The pig tails, the dresses, the bows…I just knew that it would be so much fun to have a little doll – er, I mean daughter

Of course, there were things that I didn’t think about while I was hoping and praying for a baby girl. Things like mood swings, hormones, periods…While it was a little uncomfortable for her to talk about, I made sure to begin the conversation while we were alone. It makes it much easier if there are no guys – daddies or big brothers – around to make them feel self conscious.

If you haven’t had the talk with your daughter yet, here are a few tips that might make it easier when you do:

  1. Find a comfortable setting – in your daughter’s room, in the car, somewhere where no one will overhear.
  2. Have a mom and daughter bonding experience then bring it up – go shopping, have lunch, do your nails!
  3. Let your daughter ask questions too!

We normally talk about things like her period after we doing girly stuff – like when we had manicures and pedicures and then had our makeup done at MAC for my sister’s wedding.

Angeline and I actually spend a lot of quality time together. Because my husband travels for work 50% of the month, we are alone together a lot and spend a lot of time talking after school, cooking dinner together – or going out to dinner – and watching tv and movies.

Angeline is actually my little traveling companion, and we take a lot of trips together! Last summer we went to Georgia and Orlando together and then we took a shopping trip to Buffalo, NY together last fall. This year we took a week long cruise during Spring break, then went to Melbourne and to Orlando together during the summer.

As she is getting older, I am finding that it is more and more important to spend quality one on one time with her. The years are passing so quickly…she will be off to college in four years!! I have found that because we do spend so much time together, and have such a close relationship, it has been pretty easy for us to talk about things like her period. She is comfortable talking about those personal things with me because she feels comfortable talking about everything with me.

If you are having issues addressing the conversation with your daughter, I suggest that you check out the Hello Period section of the UbyKotex website, or even have your daughter check out the website with you. They can learn more about the U by Kotex tween line of products, which are perfect for young girls (Angeline even thinks that they are pretty!), find out more about how to deal with symptoms of PMS, and even watch videos where people talk about issues surrounding their periods.

While Angeline has had her period for a few years now, we still talk about it every now and then. It seems that each month, she has a new question or is dealing with a different symptom of PMS! Her biggest concern right now that she just began high school is how to carry her pads without being obvious about it.

I recently received this cute little cosmetics case for Angeline to use to carry her U by Kotex tween pads and pantyliners, as well as a few other necessities: lip balm, a nail file and a mirror! It was the perfect accessory for back to school, she just threw it in her backpack and no one is the wiser that she has supplies for her period in there!

Will you join me and take the Break The Cycle pledge? I think it’s time that we stop the weirdness surrounding talking about periods! You can find more information on the U by Kotex Facebook page and Twitter page about how to talk to your daughter about her period.


I wrote this review while participating in a Brand Ambassador Campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of U by Kotex Tween and received products to facilitate my post and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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  1. says

    You look so young to have a daughter that age. Pretty, pretty, pretty! I have a boy and girl, so I have a lot to look forward to when it comes to the talk. Not really looking forward to it, lol!

  2. says

    You look like sisters in this pic! My mom never talked to me about it til after “it” happened then she called all of her fiends and told everybody LOL

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