Join Purina’s #PetsAtWork Movement on National Take Your Dog to Work Day

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Purina. 

I often joke about not being able to get much work done because of my lazy assistant, Gizmo. She’s always trying to get in my lap, meowing at me to be pet, or falling asleep on my calendar…

gizmo napping

My two real assistants? Bailey and Toby! My fluffy little assistants lay at my feet all day while I work, and since I work from home, I am able to take them out for breaks throughout the day and have a little fun with them too!


Today is National TAKE YOUR DOG TO WORK DAY, and Purina is trying to take this just a little bit farther and encourage companies and employers to allow people to bring their pets to work more often. Purina has encouraged their employees to bring their pets to the office for over 20 years – I’ve been to the Purina headquarters and have seen this firsthand!

Studies have shown that employees who bring their pets to work tend to have lower stress levels by the end of the day, and that having pets can help reduce blood pressure, decrease loneliness, help to lower cholesterol levels and encourage physical activity. Happy employees make better employees!


In celebration of National Take Your Dog to Work Day on Friday, June 23, Purina launched the first Pets at Work Report, examining pet owners and their attitudes around having pets in the workplace, and the benefits it brings to employers and employees.

A few interesting survey results:

Employees in pet-friendly workplaces agree – adding pets to the mix makes going to work more enjoyable.

  • For workers at pet-friendly employers, having pets at work is near the top of the list of most valuable work benefits, and is seen as a top-tier potential driver for morale, productivity, and retention.
  • Eight in ten people in pet-friendly workplaces also say that having a pet at work would make them feel more happy, relaxed and sociable.

Pet-friendly workplaces are more likely to be found at smaller companies with younger employees.

  • Employees in pet-friendly workplaces trend slightly younger (two-thirds are under the age of 45, compared to half under 45 in workplaces where pets are not allowed).
  • Smaller companies tend to be more pet-friendly: 83% of pet-friendly employees work for companies with fewer than 1,000 people (vs. 67% in non-pet-friendly workplaces).
  • Companies in the tech industry are most likely to allow pets at work (17% are pet-friendly).


Pet-friendly workplaces also align with higher rates of pet ownership – especially dogs.

  • Most people (about nine in ten) in pet-friendly workplaces own pets.
  • More than four in five pet owners in pet-friendly workplaces own a dog, while almost three in five own a cat.


Most people in pet-friendly workplaces have brought their pet to work – some every day.

  • Three in four pet owners in pet-friendly workplaces have brought their pet to work. Another 20% on top of that say their colleagues have, even if they haven’t themselves.
  • Of this group, more than half of the dog owners bring their dog at least once a week – 20% bring their dog every day.
  • And among cat owners in pet-friendly workplaces, a comparable percentage (19%) bring their cat daily.
    • Cat owners in pet-friendly workplaces who haven’t brought their furry friend cite predictable reasons – notably, the need for a litter box (55%).
  • Pet owners in pet-friendly workplaces are most likely to bring their pet to lunch with coworkers (70%) or a work party (70%) – and half are likely to bring them to a meeting with their boss (51%).

Purina is calling other companies and employers to join the growing Pets at Work movement – and they can learn more by visiting and downloading the toolkit. There are tool kits for employers and employees.

*All statistics provided are the result of an online survey by Penn Schoen Berland of Washington, D.C. for Nestlé Purina conducted among 1,004 respondents aged 18+ in the United States between May 11 and May 16, 2017.

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  1. lisa says

    I think this is so cool to be able to take your dog to work with you. I never knew there was such a day, however I know just how a pet can make a world of difference to a sick patient. Back when I was nursing we would bring pets in to see certain patients and the smile and joy upon their faces was PRICELESS! So cool Purina has gotten involve to working with companies to implement this in their workplace.

  2. says

    I didn’t even know there WERE pet friendly work places. I would love to take my pet to work. Petting your kitty or pup could help you come up with creative ideas. The only problem I can see is allergies. But I can totally see how it would be more relaxing and encourage a better work environment.

    PS – I used to have a dog named Gizmo.

  3. says

    I used to work for a dog friendly company. I didn’t work at the office though, but it was fun to see all the dogs when I visited for big team meetings. At home, my dog likes to lay under my desk. She’s a better assistant than my cats because they try to lay across my arms haha

  4. says

    Having pets around keeps the stress level at bay.. I love that there are places that allow you to bring pets to work! As for my job, being at home, the kitty at my feet helps to keep me company.

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