Purina’s Better With Pets Summit 2016 #LetsLiveBig

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I am currently a member of the Purina Better with Pets and this post is part of my involvement. While Purina has provided me with materials and necessary resources to complete various activities, all statements and sentiments in this post are my own.

Purina's Better With Pets Summit 2016 #LetsLiveBig

Oh, Purina. You guys know how much I adore this brand – practically every pet food or pet care item in our house has been Purina for years! They’re a brand that I can stand behind PROUDLY. I was so tickled to be invited to this year’s Better With Pets Summit, and I am even more excited to share some of that awesome experience with you guys today!

Purina's Better With Pets Summit 2016 #LetsLiveBig

Why is that on Snapchat? Because Purina launched their brand new Snapchat channel the day of the summit! Follow them @PurinaPetCare!

The Purina Better With Pets Summit brings together pet community experts and leaders to explore the future of pet care, and experience how passion, innovation for nutrition, and dedication to quality and safety will help improve the health and well being of pets and of course for the people who love them.

Purina believes that by connecting pets and people, we can build stronger communities and shape a better world.

See? That’s a brand I can get behind! I wore that badge proudly, posting all over social media like a mad woman because it’s a brand that I feel so passionately about!

Purina's Better With Pets Summit 2016 #LetsLiveBig

We listened to a few keynote speakers, listened in on some panels and even had Q&A sessions. It was such a great learning process, and so much information was covered!

PR Newswire – BROOKLYN, N.Y. (Oct. 19, 2016)
Nestlé Purina, a global leader in pet care, hosted its fourth annual Better with Pets Summit at the Brooklyn Expo Center in New York City on Tuesday, October 18, bringing together pet community experts and leaders across the nation to explore how pets and people are living bigger and better lives thanks to new research and innovation that will shape the future of pet care.

Featuring three interactive panel discussions, the Better with Pets Summit examined topics that continue to affect pet care and wellness including the evolving role of pets and their impact on people’s well-being, nutritional innovation that will allow pets to live healthier lives, and demystifying pet nutrition quality and safety standards.

Purina's Better With Pets Summit 2016 #LetsLiveBig

“At Purina, we use our scientific resources and passion to give pets bigger lives and in return, help improve quality of life for pets and people,” said Nina Leigh Krueger, president at Purina U.S. for Nestlé Purina PetCare Company. “For four years now the Better with Pets Summit has showcased the latest advancements of the pet care community and raised awareness of topics that are fundamental to the well-being of pets and people. By bringing together the brightest minds and helping encourage these conversations to take place, we are working to create a better future for our pets.”

Oh, and there were super cute pets EVERYWHERE!

Purina's Better With Pets Summit 2016 #LetsLiveBig

I’m not a scientist guys, so you’ll have to forgive my lack of scientific knowledge and understanding when it comes to a large portion of the specifics discussed.

I can tell you that during one of the panels, Purina spoke about their nine-year longevity study, after which their research team developed a proprietary nutritional blend that is literally PROVEN to improve and extend the lives of cats ages seven and older. What is this magnificent pet food we’re speaking of? The Purina Pro Plan Prime Plus™ – and it’s going to be hitting store shelves early next year. Y’all know how much I love my cats – all three of them – and this is literally life-changing technology that we can apply to our fur babies. You may have already read about Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind in this blog post – I can only see Purina getting more and more innovative when it comes to improving the health and longevity of our pets!

Purina's Better With Pets Summit 2016 #LetsLiveBig

Purina also announced that they’re teaming up with the Mayo Clinic on a study the clinic is leading to measure the benefits of animal assisted therapy as a way to reduce pain and depression while improving quality of life in patients with fibromyalgia. Pretty cool stuff, right?

During the Purina Better With Pets Summit, we heard from a wide range of panelists, all experts in their fields – and all animal lovers, just like us! There were scientists from research facilities, vets, therapists, national organization executives, as well as some people who have had their lives touched in amazing ways by some of the initiatives that Purina has been involved with recently. I’ve touched on a few of the social good (what I consider to be social good) initiatives they’ve taken part in on the blog, but here’s a recap!

  • Purina funded The Purina Family Pet Center at the St. Louis Children’s Hospital so that kids extended hospital stays could have visits with their family pets. You can read more about that in this blog post.
  • Purina works with the Urban Resource Institute to help create pet-friendly shelters for victims of domestic violence, like Urban Woman’s Retreat I told you about in this blog post a while ago.
  • Purina is sponsoring a Pet Care Innovation Prize and will award a $20,000 prize to a top pet care entrepreneur!

The Panels We Listened to Included:

Demystifying Pet Nutrition Quality and Safety: Expert panelists discussed the effort, rigor and transparency that goes into the creation and distribution of pet food, and how pet foods are among the most regulated products on the market.

Why a Passion for Pets Builds a Better World: This panel discussed how connecting pets and people builds stronger communities that will improve the health and well-being of pets and people.

The Science of Innovative Nutrition for Pets: This panel explored how nutrition has the power to help manage certain health conditions to enable better lives and secure a better future for pets.

We also got to see a bunch of really cool pet food, treats, products…

Purina's Better With Pets Summit 2016 #LetsLiveBig

and there was even a KITTEN AND PUPPY THERAPY BOOTH. I am not even kidding.

Purina's Better With Pets Summit 2016 #LetsLiveBig

For more information about the Better with Pets Summit, visit www.purina.com/better-with-pets/summit.

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