Prepare to Laugh…A Disney Fanatic’s Review of Brave

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Warning: This review of Disney’s Brave Contains Spoilers!

While I was traveling last week, I sent my sister and brother in law to the pre-screening of Disney’s Brave on my behalf. I was hoping that their attendance would provide me a good review, as I had heard so many wonderful things about the movie!

When I received the review this afternoon, I was shocked. I received a grown man’s review of Disney’s Brave!

I always knew my brother was funny, but holy cow, he’s also a master at movie reviews!

I hope you enjoy his review as much as I did!

brave movie poster, review of brave

So, Brave. That was fun!

Monsters, Inc. fun? Finding Nemo fun? Whoa, relax! I can assure you it was at least Cars fun. And certainly better than Cars 2. (Full disclosure: have not seen Cars 2). But that’s okay. Pixar makes very good movies!

Brave is the story of Merida, a precocious princess in 10th C. (10th? I’m gonna guess 10th) Scotland. Her mother, Elinor, is all like, “A princess ought to this,” and “a princess must never that,” and making sure Merida knows how to curtsy and stuff. One day Merida’s dad gives her a bow and Mom’s like, “A bow! No daughter of mine blah, blah, blah” but Merida says, “Aw, Mom, Katniss Everdeen has one” so she gets to keep it. And then… a demon bear. Lots of bears in this movie. More on that later.

review of brave

One day, Elinor says the day has come. “What’s she talking about, Daddy?” Turns out Merida is betrothed to whoever can win her hand by being really good at pin the tail on the donkey. “But Mom, I’m a rambunctious, free-spirit and you don’t even care I climbed a rock and touched a waterfall.” Wonder if any of her potential suitors will be cute. JK! They’re not. Disney really has tried to make a heroine unlike all their others and for the most part they’ve succeeded. Merida don’t need no man. She does need Mom though. She needs Mom to change her mind. About marriage.

So Merida gets on her horse and follows some blue Pac-Man dots to a witch’s woodshop on The Sorcerer’s Apprentice tip. Merida asks the witch to change Mom and the witch makes a Hostess cupcake for Mom to eat. “Here Mom, have this delicious treat I made for you which most definitely will NOT turn you into a bear.” But it does. That tricky witch. Merida should unfriend her on Facebook.

Dad thinks Mom is the demon bear and then Merida’s adorable triplet brothers turn into adorable little bears and bearlarity ensues. “Hey, Momma Bear, those are poisonous berries. You can’t eat those.” There’s a cute montage of Elinor the bear trying to catch fish in a stream while remaining all proper. Is Momma Bear learning a lesson? Does Elinor poop in the woods?

review of brave

When Merida tries to find the witch to reverse the spell, she’s gone (surprise!) but figures out that if she repairs a torn tapestry, things return to normal. To the quilt shop! But dad still thinks Momma Bear is the demon bear and chases her all over Scotland. What’s that expression? If a demon bear appears in the first act then it had better growl and try to kill everyone by the third.

So demon bear shows up and Elinor the bear kills the demon bear and turns back into Elinor the human thanks to Merida’s quick stitching of the tapestry. Merida learns a lesson in sacrifice and agrees to marry the winner of The First Annual Scottish Hopscotch Invitational. Elinor learns a lesson in progressiveness and says Merida should choose who to be with and buck traditionalism. The End. A++. Will do business with again.

The Pixar movies just look better and better. Merida’s hair was so red and curly and detailed.

review of brave

If there were an Academy Award for Best Rendering of Hair in a CGI movie, the envelope please… Merida’s hair alone is reason enough to see this movie in 3D. Also the story between Elinor and Merida was touching. Relationships between mothers and teenage daughters are not always handled deftly, yet Brave manages to portray it more realistically than most live action movies.

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  1. tamie says

    Nice narration!! 😀 It was a great movie, hubby and I really enjoyed it for our date night selection, he laughed thru the whole movie!

  2. says

    Now I seriously want to see this great review! I’ve seen every single Pixar/Disney movie and I can’t wait for RedBox to get this.

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