Planning My Dream Vacation to Italy…

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I am a planner – I plan every trip I take down to the very last detail. So, when my husband started a new job this year – and his vacation balance began at zero, I knew that our planned second honeymoon to Europe was not going to happen.

So we went to the Caribbean for a weekend, and while it was romantic and I enjoyed that special time with him, it wasn’t Italy. It wasn’t Naples. Or Florence, Or Venice…there were no magnificent pizza shops or freshly made gelato vendors on the street. There was no Colosseum, no gondolas…no Vespas!

It has always been my dream to see Italy, and my husband, having been to Europe while in the military, has always said that he would love to go as well. While I was disappointed that we had to put our plans on hold, I have not given up on the trip!

I’ve begun researching the hotels, restaurants, museums, architectural sights, and famous fountains that many have spoken highly of from their Italy touring holidays. While the flights are quite expensive compared to domestic flights within the US, I have plenty of time to save up for them, and with all of my husband’s traveling, we should rack up enough frequent flyer miles to help towards the tickets, at the very least.

I’ve made a small spreadsheet of the places I want to go once we finally do visit Italy. First and foremost? The Colosseum. I know it’s such a cliche that I want to travel to Italy and see the Colosseum, but the history is so rich and I’ve always held that structure in my mind as a symbol of Italy.

Second and third on my list are eating pizza in Naples, and finding a sweet little gelato shop!

Have you ever been on vacation to Italy? Do you have any tips for me?


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  1. says

    I’ve been to Italy, and it’s really as beautiful and romantic as you would think…my tip is to not expect the food to be what you imagined (lasagna there is different than lasagna in the US, lol) and to wear pretty dresses!

  2. Shaz says

    Tips….number one….if you go to Florence, try a restaurant called Roberto’s just off Piazza Santa Croce. The lasagne is heavenly, (but the ladies room can only be described as “tribal”). I just hope the name of the restaurant hasn’t changed since I was there. Roberto himself looked about 90 years old. He’s probably retired by now LOL.

    Number two….Italian men stare. I mean STARE. Even if you’re with another man. Especially when you’re with another man. Enjoy it. It’s a sign of appreciation 😉

    Number three…if you go to Pisa, please PLEASE try the ice-cream shops directly across from the tower. They do amazing flavours. But don’t expect it to be creamy like American ice-creams. It can be quite watery.

    Lastly, enjoy. See everything you can. It’s really the most fabulous country, it’s impossible to not enjoy it. Learn as much Italian as you can because many Italians either can’t or won’t speak English, and have an amazing time!

  3. says

    I finally made it to Paris about 8 years ago with my sister. It was very special and when I was atop the Eiffel Tower I vowed that I would someday make it to Italy. Keep up the faith that we will someday make it there. And when you do, let me know what I should not miss!

  4. says

    1. Take the best pieces of your closet with you. Most Italian women dress to the nines and the last thing you need is any feelings of inadequacy spoiling your vacation.

    2. But not the tightest/most inflexible ones. Think spandex. The food is FABULOUS.

    3. Lago Maggiore. There is a reason why people like George Clooney hang around there.

  5. says

    Sounds great! I’m jealous. I’ve been to Italy but not in years, as a matter of fact,I haven’t been anywhere exciting in years. Anyway, I am a GFC follower. Visit my daughter and I at our blog, Says Me Says Mom ( where we talk about anything and everything, and we happen to be talking about travel this week.

  6. says

    If you can, get out to Murano. You can watch the artists blowing glass to make handmade crystal vases. They also have amazing glass jewelry.

    Sicily is beautiful, too. Along the path to climb up Mt Etna, there’s a little shack called “The Miracle” – it’s a religious icon, because when the volcano erupted, the lava came down the mountain, up the side of the building, and stopped just before touching the inside of the floor. You can actually see the lava buildup around it and inside the fireplace. It’s just surreal.

  7. says

    an old friend of mine was a tour guide there. and she sent me some amazing photos and videos. i would love to go there one day. I am Italian and it was my grandma’s dream to go to Sicily she has family in Palermo. I hope your dream comes true and u make that trip.

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