Photojojo Telephoto Lens for the iPhone4s

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I am all about gadgets for my iPhone4s.

The only reason I upgraded from the iPhone4 in December was because I couldn’t resist the sweet, sweet call of the new camera.

I don’t even use Siri. 

The camera is totally bad ass, but it has the same issue as the previous iPhone cameras – zooming out sucks. Your photo loses all clarity once you zoom out.

While traveling to Niagara Falls last year, I was browsing through the in-flight magazine and came across this awesome article about a company called Photojojo that sells iPhone camera equipment. I knew immediately that I had to try their Telephoto Lens!

The iPhone Telephoto lens comes with a basic iPhone case and a lens that screws onto it. When you aren’t using the camera, you simply unscrew it and stick it in your pocket or purse. Super-duper easy and convenient! It is priced at $35.00 on the Photojojo website.

I did my experimenting with the new Telephoto Lens from Photojojo this past weekend and I am 100% in love with it!

Okay, first things first.

The case? It’s a very basic case and isn’t going to protect your phone from damage if it’s dropped. So hold on tight! I use an Otterbox Defender Series case and just put it right back into it’s safe little case once I am done taking pictures. I am a total klutz, so I can’t risk having my iPhone out of it for very long.

The lens? Holy moly. It’s completely awesome. You can zoom up to 8x and it really, really makes a difference.

Exhibit A – I took this photo of some cute raccoons in the trees at a shop near my home last month, before I received the Photojojo Telephoto lens.

As you can see, you can barely even tell that there are raccoons in the trees.

Exhibit B – I took this photo this past weekend with the Photojojo Telephoto Lens.

In this photo, I was able to zoom in so close that no only can you see the raccoon completely, but you can even see his whiskers as he scratches his head! He is so cute!

Now, some of the photos came out a little blurry because I have a shaky hand and couldn’t keep the camera completely still, but I think with a little practice, I can get it right. Plus, the Photojojo Telephoto Lens comes with a tripod and I can always use that for still shots!

If you’re as addicted to your iPhone camera as I am to mine, I recommend checking out this lens! There are also lots of other tempting gadgets to choose from to make the most our of your iPhone camera on the Photojojo website.

I want to thank Photojojo for providing me with a $10 off discount on my order!

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  1. says

    Want. I love taking video with my iphone and perhaps this will convince others that it is a totally legit thing to do. Or maybe it will convince them that I am an ass. Either way, I’ll still feel awesome.

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