Have PEPCID COMPLETE, Will Eat Cheeseburgers #PEPCIDTastemakers

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I have received information, product, and materials from McNeil Consumer Pharmaceuticals Co., the makers of PEPCID®. The opinions stated are my own. This is a sponsored post for Mom It Forward.

 Heartburn. It’s one of those things that I’ve just recently had to start worrying about. In my younger days (did I really just say that?!), I ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted without a care in the world. Heartburn was something that the elderly (anyone older than I happened to be at the time) dealt with. Imagine my surprise when one day, after eating an especially delicious (and by delicious, I mean greasy) cheeseburger and not long afterwards, had a weird burning feeling. After I realized that I was experiencing heartburn for the first time since pregnancy, I somberly accepted the fact that I would need to pick up some PEPCID® COMPLETE®.

PEPCID® COMPLETE® is both an antacid and an Acid Reducer, so it starts working in mere seconds! Unlike some other heartburn products, it lasts all day (or night), so you don’t have to keep taking it for the rest of the day.

The cheeseburger was totally worth it, by the way.

Guy Fieri's Cheeseburger #PEPCIDTastemakers

I received a PEPCID® COMPLETE® taste kit right before heading out the door for an eight day cruise and quickly grabbed the bottle and threw it in my suitcase. I KNEW that I would need it, because that delicious cheeseburger that prompted my first episode of heartburn? It was on a cruise.

There may or may not have been a mountain of french fries and multiple ice cream cones later…but that’s besides the point.


Now, I have only tried a few heartburn relief products, but I can tell you that most of them have one thing in common: they taste horrible! I’ve never eaten a stick of chalk, but when I’ve tried a few other brands, that is immediately what I thought of. PEPCID® COMPLETE® heartburn relief tablets don’t have that chalky taste and actually taste good!

Now, I am not about to start popping them like candy just for the heck of it, but it’s awesome knowing that I don’t have to force feed myself an antacid when I need one!

How does PEPCID®COMPLETE® work?

I love eating on cruises because there is literally everything you could think of available 24 hours a day. Breakfast burritos, cheeseburgers for lunch, steaks and rich cuisine for dinner, pizza for snacks…I can’t stomach the thought of traveling and not being able to eat what I want because I’m afraid of getting heartburn!

Have you ever had heartburn? It is basically when the stomach acid escapes into your esophagus. That “burn” in heartburn is because your esophagus was not meant to have acid in it!

Food is the biggest trigger of heartburn in most people, which is why it’s so prevalent. Who wants to give up their favorite foods? Foods can trigger heartburn when the stomach reacts by increasing acid production, slowing down digestion, or inhibiting the esophageal sphincter’s ability to prevent stomach acid from going into the esophagus.

PEPCID Tastemakers

Um, that stuff is all of my favorite stuff! Tomatoes? Fried and fatty foods? Have you MET me? Chocolate?!! Garlic? Citrus? Hello, I live in Florida! Ketchup? Coffee? That list is basically my entire diet plan. 

Note to self: buy lifetime supply of PEPCID®COMPLETE®.

Once swallowed, most antacids, like TUMS, begin to neutralize the acid in your stomach in seconds and work for about 20-30 minutes per dose. They can last up to 3 hours if you take them on a full stomach. That is why you see people carrying around their antacids with them in their pocket or purse – they have to take them continually throughout the day. Well, PEPCID®COMPLETE® also starts working in seconds, but it continues to work all day!

You only need one pill, whether it’s to control your heartburn all day or all night – so there’s no carrying around a pill bottle with you! PEPCID®COMPLETE® comes in a chewable tablet suitable for 12 years and up, and it comes in mint and berry flavors. I tried the berry and it tasted pretty good!

You can learn more about PEPCID® COMPLETE on the PEPCID website, and don’t forget to like the PEPCID® Facebook Page!

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  1. says

    My husband takes Pepcid every day. I even put a reminder on his phone so he won’t forget. Before Pepcid, he suffered with heartburn daily!

  2. says

    Pepcid Complete is the ONLY product that worked during horrible heartburn with both boys. I definite think this is the best product out there!

  3. says

    I get the worst heartburn ever. Always have. I keep Pepcid in my purse at all times so I can still enjoy the foods I love (like my beloved Mexican!).

  4. says

    Those cheeseburgers look so good! Sadly, I have the same problem as I’ve gotten older, foods that I love no longer love me lol Good to have products like Pepcid around to help when heartburn hits.

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