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The Importance of Face to Face Connections


I come from a very big family, and while I am fortunate to live very close to my parents and sisters, there are so many other people that I'd love to see more often! My extended family lives mostly in Western North Carolina, and I usually make it up there once a year to visit with them during our annual family reunion. I didn't make that trip this year due to my being in the middle of a divorce - which is really when I want to see my family the most. Sure, we have Facebook and texting, we see ...

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What’s Cooking on The Rebel Chick

Your Favorite Cheerios are now Gluten Free! #GlutenFreeCheerios

Gluten Free Cheerios

Did you know that currently about 1% of the population suffers from Celiac disease, and as much as 30% of the population is currently avoiding gluten? I certainly didn't - until General Mills sponsored me to dig a little deeper into their new Gluten-Free Cheerios™. The story behind the new Gluten-Free formula is quite interesting: after discovering his daughter-in-law, Joyce, was diagnosed with Celiac disease, engineer Phil Zietlow at General mills set off on a nearly six-year mission to ...

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5 Easy Hair Hacks We Love

Conair Quick twist

Both Angeline and I have super thick and curly hair, which is a good thing, but sometimes…not so much! Living in Miami definitely has its perks, but it only takes one humid day to turn our curls into a flash black of the 80s style big hair that you’d expect to find on the Ellen…

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We Love Our Pets!


5 Reasons Guys Who Own Cats Win! #MenAndCatsContest

It's no secret that guys who own cats have developed a certain reputation. As the foster mom and owner of more than one kitten, I'm here to share just a few of the reasons why guys who own cats are actually winning. 5 Reasons Guys Who Own Cats Win! They're Intelligent! Studies show that self-identified cat owners scored higher on intelligence tests than self-identified dog owners. They also had higher IQs and overall level of education. Though it’s probably not the cat itself making ...

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Let’s Go Shopping!

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Paper Towns Poster

Fall in Love With #PaperTowns

This post is sponsored by 20th Century Fox. Ah…true love. It’s something that we dream of as little girls, and most likely…we never stop. When Angeline began dating and fell in love for the first time, it was absolutely terrifying. My little girl, grown up enough to fall in love. I remember my first love. We’re friends…

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