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The Ultimate Girlfriend Getaway on Florida’s Paradise Coast

The Ultimate Girlfriend Getaway on Florida's Paradise Coast

When you live in a state with over 1,000 miles of coastline there's a ton of options for a weekend beach getaway. But not all Florida beaches are created equal. East coast beaches face the Atlantic Ocean. They are good for sunrises and surfing. West coast beaches are protected by the Gulf of Mexico. These are the beaches that epic sunsets are made of and with less waves, seem much calmer. If you're looking for powder white sand and a laid back vibe, look no further than Florida's Paradise ...

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No Bake Mint Oreo Bars Recipe

No Bake Mint Oreo Bars Recipe

This No Bake Mint Oreo Bars Recipe is just soooo good. It’s so rich. Very rich. And minty. You’ll need 30 cookies total, which will be one package. I use my food processor to finely crush my cookies, but you can also use a ziploc bag and rolling pin to crush them if you don’t own…

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Orchard Mile Offers ALL of Your Designer Needs in One Place

There’s something so energizing and exciting when navigating down Rodeo Drive or your favorite shopping street wielding designer bags filled with your new favorite items. You don’t usually get that same rush when shopping online, but that’s where Orchard Mile comes in and wants to shake things up. Orchard Mile is named for Singapore’s famed…

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