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The Best Beaches of the Caribbean

The Best Beaches of the Caribbean

Although I live in Miami, some of my favorite beaches are found in the Caribbean. Some are easily accessible by a short plane ride and sit in front of posh hotels. Some are free, public beaches with plenty of parking. And others are only accessible by cruise line. I had three things in mind when compiling my "The Best Beaches of the Caribbean" list: the beauty of the location, the activities available and, of course...the quality of the sand and water! The Best Beaches of the ...

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Lime Soft Cookies Recipe

Lime Soft Cookies Recipe

I love sweets, especially baked goods. Some people love cake, some love fudge, some love pie - me, I love cookies! I'm a regular old cookie monster, except I don't waste any crumbs when I eat my cookies! While there are some store-bought cookies that are pretty good, I have always preferred homemade, and I've spent a lot of time experimenting with different recipes. This Lime Soft Cookies recipe given to me by my friend Merissa at Little House Living embodies everything I love about cookies; ...

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Keep Picky Kids Satisfied with Mott’s® Snack & Go #Mott’sGood&Honest

Angeline in Times Square

This post is sponsored by Mott's. As a mom to a 17 year old, you'd think I would be past the days of hearing "I don't want to eat that, mom!" Sadly, I still hear that dreaded phrase at least once a week...and don't even get me started on the arguments surrounding school lunches and after-school snacks! I think the picky-eating issues we face when our kids are little are nothing compared to when they become teenagers with strong opinions about their likes and dislikes. Why do our babies have to ...

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Let’s Go Shopping!

Shopswell The Things You Love At The Best Price Available

Shopswell – Shopping Smarter Together™

Shopswell uses price tracker technology to provide you with price history information and price alerts on any product you choose! All the things you love, want and need all in one space! Never miss the best price on things you love! Shopswell – Shopping Smarter Together™ If you’re reading this blog, I think it’s pretty…

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The XFINITY X1 System Offers Technological Advancements For Everyone

PicMonkey Collage

Disclosure: Post and giveaway sponsored by XFINITY, but all opinions are my own. Please see below for additional disclosure. There's been a ton of hype lately regarding the XFINITY X1 system. We've all seen the commercials touting their speed, reliability, and uber technology. It's not all smoke and mirrors! The XFINITY X1 System offers technological advancements for everyone. That includes those that have disabilities such as impaired vision or blindness. The XFINITY X1 System - 1 System ...

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We Love Our Pets!

cesar 6

I Treat My Dogs to Home Delights From Cesar Dog Food

I’m serving my dog Cesar® home delights™ as part of a sponsored series with Socialstars. #CesarHomeDelights If you've followed my blog or social media accounts even a little, then you know how much I love my dogs. All three of my dogs are fed dry food daily, but I like to spoil them every so often with wet food, especially my two smaller guys, Bailey and Toby. Foxy takes a bunch of supplements because she's an older gal, and I feed them to her in wet food. So the little guys get jealous! The ...

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