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Family is a really important part of my life, and I am proud to be raising my daughter with the same central focus that I was raised with. As much as I know about the past few generations of our family tree, our family is so big and so spread out that it can be difficult to trace back a family tree of the generations to find out where we really came from.


My grandfather and grandmother on my father’s side of the family have a very detailed history, but on my mother’s side…not so much. We know a lot about my grandfather’s family, thanks to a Nana that was really involved with her family. But my maternal grandmother was raised in foster care after her mother passed away at a young age and we know relatively nothing about her origins, aside from the fact that she came from Cuba.


This lack of information, and the issues faced with trying to track down history that began in a communist country with little access to people or records there, well it’s made me focus on my father’s side – because I can get somewhere with that information!

Like that my great grandfather, the man behind the huge family dynamic that I grew up with, was Henry Pridmore.

Henry Pridmore

Ancestry is the world’s largest online resource for family history. Ancestry strives to fill the fundamental desire people have to understand who they are and where they came from. We all want to know where we came from, don’t we?

It’s why adopted children go to great lengths to track down their birth families, it’s why people go on pilgrimages to see where their family’s began – we all want to know where our story began, in the most basic of ways.

Pridmore Family

With a unique collection of billions of historical records, including handwritten historical documents and state and local government archives, Ancestry is the perfect place to learn fun and interesting facts about your family’s tree!






Getting A Little Help Along The Way

It’s so important to surround yourself with people that uplift, encourage and support you at an early stage in life. I have mentioned before that Chris and I married young, and while marrying in your early 20′s does have its challenges, I think that for us, having a partner from the very get-go in our adult years has allowed us both to grow into pretty successful and happy people. I’ve always had Chris’s support in my professional endeavors, and I’ve done the same for him – it’s like we have had not only a business partner, but a cheerleader in our corner every step of the way as we climbed the corporate ladder!

crane beach in barbados

While Chris continues to climb, I jumped off the corporate ladder a few years ago, kicked it aside and said “ENOUGH. I am ready to pave my own way.” Of course this wasn’t an easy decision, and it certainly wasn’t one that I came to without lengthy discussions with Chris. I essentially asked his permission to leave my job security, a 401(k) plan (with a heck of a match), stock options and the best health insurance plan I’ve ever heard of – I asked his permission because while I am my own person, we are a team, and every financial decision either of us makes affects the other, as well as our family unit as a whole. I asked him to support me in my midlife crisis-esque “I want to quit my job and rediscover myself” dream and his answer was simple, and exactly what I needed to hear to feel less guilty and secure in walking away from a healthy paycheck and a great benefits package:

I just want you to be happy. 

In our 13 years together, Chris and I have had many ups and downs. But that moment (one that really, really mattered) was an example of the support I have had from Chris over the years, and a telltale sign of what kind of man I married: he supports me. He has my back when it comes to carrying the family finances while I tried to figure out what it was I wanted to do, he encourages me to write about things that make me happy, he supports the crazy amount of travel I do on a regular basis for my blog – and even when it’s a personal trip with girlfriends, he always tells me to go for it.

Banana Boat

Travel has always been a passion of mine, back before I ever began blogging. When I first began blogging and saw that some of my friends did travel for their blogs, I was astounded! I dreamt of one day doing travel for my own blog, actually making a job out of it. I am writing this blog post on my balcony from an Alaskan cruise…which is a work trip. Angeline and I just spent six days sailing through Alaska, spotting Humpback and Orca whales, Harbor seals, and American Bald Eagles with some of my closest blogging friends while Chris is at home working and holding down the fort. That fort includes MY three dogs and four cats…I tell you, the man’s a saint!

He supports me whenever I want to take a trip like this because he knows how happy it makes me, and how fulfilling these experiences are for me both professionally and on a more personal level.

The truth is, I would never be able to travel like I do without Chris’s complete support. And I would have never reached the point where I had the opportunity to travel if it weren’t for his support and encouragement along the way!





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Absolute LoJack for Laptops – Keep it Safe! #AbsoluteUncovered

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Absolute LoJack. All opinions are my own. 

As you may be aware by now, Absolute LoJack has dubbed August Device Theft Awareness Month, and I’ve been sharing tidbits of information about the security of your smartphone and other devices throughout the month. I really want to talk about laptops today because while many people use their smartphones daily for things like social media and emails, everyone uses their laptops for the serious stuff like banking, paying the bills and handling really sensitive information – like doing our taxes or even just storing copies of our tax returns.

Have you ever thought about the security of your laptop? I know that we all think because we keep our laptop at home, our of sight, in our laptop bag, etc, that it’s safe. Even a password-protected login screen might not be enough! Take this How Secure is Your Laptop quiz to figure out how safe your laptop really is – you might be surprised!

Of course, I scored pretty well on this quiz and that’s probably why I have never had a device  - let alone my beloved laptop – stolen or lost. There’s a reason why I scored well: my husband works in IT. I’ve learned a lot of security measures through plain old common sense but his guidance has also helped me keep my valuables safe over the years, especially considering how much I travel!

absolute lojack

Now, as safe as I am with my laptop, things happen. Angeline’s iPhone was stolen last year, despite her best efforts. We need to take measures to protect our devices, especially our laptops that hold such personal and vulnerable information, in case something happens that is out of our control.

That’s where Absolute LoJack comes in! I bet you didn’t even know that there was an Absolute LoJack for laptops before this series, did you? Now that my travel schedule has slowed down and I will be home for a while, I am sending my new laptop in to have Absolute LoJack installed!


You can get Lojack for laptopsLojack for mac or even Smartphone tracking Software! It’s really like having a tracker on  your laptop to shut it down and keep all of your private information safe if it’s lost or stolen but the service also means that you have a dedicated team of investigators looking for your lost/stolen laptop too!

Absolute LoJack security software and Theft Recovery Team can track and recover it for you. 30,000 devices in over 100 countries have been returned thanks the software, the team and their relationships with law enforcement world-wide. The Team consists of former FBI, Marines, US Army, Homeland Security and government positions. They are experts on internet investigations, computer forensics, and cyber-crime. Most importantly, the Theft Recovery Team works to get your stolen device back.

You can learn more about Absolute LoJack by following their social media handles! 

Absolute  LoJack  Website  / Twitter  @AbsoluteLoJack / Facebook / YouTube / Google+

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You can learn more about Absolute LoJack for laptops on the Absolute LoJack website.

Take the Magnum Ice Cream Personality Quiz!

It’s August and the summer is winding down. The back to school season is upon us and things can get hectic! Remember to stop and breathe, give yourself credit for hard work and celebrate your victories. You deserve to indulge now and then, you’ve earned it! Soak in a hot bath, read your favorite book, or grab a delicious sweet treat.

Indulgences never felt or tasted so good. You love enjoying your sweets, especially when you look so good eating them! Magnum is the most premium, sophisticated and indulgent chocolate and ice cream experience imaginable, made with Belgian Chocolate, created with pleasure seekers in mind.

Safeway and Magnum Ice Cream want you to Discover your Chocolaty Bliss! Have a toast to blissful, chocolaty pleasure and head into a Safeway and grab a participating box of Magnum for $1 off! (Offer valid in-store.)


Discover your Chocolaty Bliss, by taking the Magnum personality quiz. Answer questions to reveal your Magnum flavor profile, then enter for a chance to win a variety of prizes. I took the quiz and got Gold as my result.

When you want a luscious
caramel swirl with a hint of sea salt, grab a golden chocolatey bar that’s
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Gold Bright and Exciting

I can tell you whatever my result was, I could easily eat any of the varieties as my indulgence! Magnum ice cream bars are a truly decadent way to treat yourself.

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Skillet Chicken Nachos With Spicy Salsa Verde Recipe

So, last weekend when my childhood of over 35 years came to town we had a girl’s night in. Watermelon Margaritas & Chicken Nachos. That’s how we roll….

Skillet Chicken Nachos | The Rebel Chick

Skillet Chicken Nachos With Spicy Salsa Verde

I think I remember reading somewhere that The Pioneer Woman uses her skillet to make everything and anything. My longtime friend came to Vegas to hang with me last weekend. We pulled out the blender for Watermelon Margaritas but took ole Ree up on the skillet use for snacks. These super easy Skillet Chicken Nachos with Spicy Salsa Verde hit the spot. Did I say super easy? And, I’m betting you have everything you need already1 Let’s see…

Skillet Chicken Nachos Ingredients

Skillet Chicken Nachos


  • 2 Cups Cooked Chicken (left overs put to good use!)
  • 5-6 Cups Tortilla Chips
  • 1/2 Cup Salsa Verde
  • 1 TSP Red Pepper Flakes
  • 1 Small Can Chopped Black Olives
  • 2 Cups Shredded Cheese (I used Mexican Blend)
  • 1-2 Small diced Tomatoes
  • Handful Chopped Cilantro
  • Handful Diced Green Onions

Skillet Chicken Nachos Spicy Salsa Verde | The Rebel Chick


Star by preheating the oven to 350* Yep, we’re popping that skillet right in the oven! Ree knows her stuff! While that’s heating up, do all your dicing and chopping. My cast iron skillet is 9 inches so I needed the full 6 cups of tortilla chips to fill it. Toss yours in. In a medium saucepan, combine the chicken, red pepper, salsa verde. Just to mix it up and get warm. Pour that evenly over your tortilla chips. Add your black olives, tomatoes, green onions and cheese. Pop that right in the oven on the middle rack. Bake for about 20 minutes or until cheese is all bubbly and warm! Top with a couple bits of tomato and cilantro.

Skillet Chicken Nachos With Spicy Salsa Verde | The Rebel Chick

And you’re good to go! Enjoy with some cold drinks and all your BFF’s! I was thinking, with Tailgate Season right around the corner, I may add some black beans, double the whole chicken nacho recipe and serve it up as some good game day grub too!

Skillet Chicken Nachos With Spicy Salsa Verde | The Rebel Chick

Or, how about this. I’ll make the food, you bring the drinks and we can ‘do Vegas’ next weekend?

Who’s In For These Chicken Nachos With Me? 

Muppets Most Wanted Is on Blu-ray!

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Disney’s Muppets Most Wanted is available to buy in Blu-ray Combo Pack, Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere since August 12th!

The Muppets are back in the globe-trotting, star-studded musical comedy adventure Disney’s “Muppets Most Wanted,” available on Blu-ray Combo Pack, Digital HD, DVD, Disney Movies Anywhere, and On-Demand August 12th, 2014, from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment. Starring Ricky Gervais, Ty Burrell, and Tina Fey, this must-own family film makes its in-home debut with THREE versions of the film: The Original Theatrical Cut, the Statler and Waldorf Cut,  and The Unnecessarily Extended Cut, featuring hilarious bonus content, plus more music, more mayhem, and more Muppets!

I have always loved the Muppets and was disappointed that my travel schedule didn’t allow me to go see Muppets Most Wanted in movies. I ripped that Blu-ray package open as soon as it arrived and plopped down to give it a watch and I loved it! Muppets Most Wanted has all of the same characteristics that all Muppets movies have: humor, goofiness, a sizzling plot (well, you know what I mean, right?) and of course, the classic combination of Muppets and real people making hilarious cameos!

Muppets Most Wanted Blu-ray Combo Pack

The #1 comedy in America three weeks in a row, “Muppets Most Wanted” picks up immediately following the events of the smash hit “The Muppets,” as Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Animal and the entire Muppet gang head out on a world tour. But mayhem follows, as the Muppets find themselves unwittingly entangled in an international crime caper headed by Constantine – the World’s Number One Criminal and a dead ringer for Kermit the Frog!

Now Muppet fans can experience this laugh and song-filled caper like never before on Blu-ray Combo Pack in an all-new “Unnecessarily Extended Edition,” featuring 12 minutes of exclusive scenes not seen in theaters! Also included on Blu-ray and Digital HD are additional hilarious bonus features, including Statler and Waldorf’s version of the movie, and the laugh-out-loud gag reel, “The Longer, Longest Blooper Reel in Muppets History.”

This most sensational, inspirational, celebrational home entertainment release also includes the featurette “Rizzo’s Biggest Fan” and music video “I Can Give You What You Want,” performed by Bret McKenzie.

Starring Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, The Great Gonzo, Animal, Ricky Gervais (“The Office”) as Dominic Badguy, Ty Burrell (“Modern Family”) as Jean Pierre Napoleon and Tina Fey (“30 Rock”) as Nadya the Prison Guard, “Muppets Most Wanted” also features very special guest appearances by Tony Bennett, Sean Combs, Rob Corddry, Celine Dion, Josh Groban, Salma Hayek, Ray Liotta, Ross Lynch, Chloe Grace Moretz, Christoph Waltz, and more!

“Muppets Most Wanted” was directed by James Bobin (“The Muppets,” “Flight of the Conchords”), written by Bobin and Nicholas Stoller (“The Muppets,” “Get Him To The Greek”), and produced by David Hoberman (“The Muppets,” “Beverly Hills Chihuahua”) and Todd Lieberman (“The Muppets,” “The Fighter”).

Don’t miss the most fun, most wanted Muppet movie ever when “Muppets Most Wanted” debuts in the following formats with bonus features as listed:

Bonus MaterialsBlu-ray Combo Pack (BD + DVD + Digital Copy)

  • The Unnecessarily Extended Cut

Bonus Materials - Blu-ray Combo Pack (BD + DVD + Digital Copy)

Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere*

  • The Statler and Waldorf Cut
  • The Longer Longest Blooper Reel in Muppets History
  • Rizzo’s Biggest Fan
  • “I’ll Get You What You Want” Music Video Performed by Bret McKenzie

Bonus Materials - Disney Movies Anywhere

  • Frog-E-Oke: I’m Number One
  • And more!

*Digital bonus offerings will vary per retailer


You can buy Muppets Most Wanted Blu-ray combo pack on Amazon for just $22.96!

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Discovering Alaska on the Carnival Miracle #LumiaatSea #CarnivalMiracle

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Alaska is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. I’ve spent time in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina, the forests of Costa Rica, the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. But nothing could have prepared me for Alaska. You grow up hearing about the vast Alaskan wilderness, the wildlife everywhere, a land remote, isolate and inviting all at once.


On Tuesday morning, we floated past a pod of humpback whales. I sat on the balcony, not even needing the binoculars I brought from home, watching them spouting water up into the air. A seal swam by the Carnival Miracle as I ate breakfast on the Lido Deck.


A SEAL! WHALES! We even saw a pair of Dulles Porpoises frolicking in the waves outside our balcony!

Wednesday morning we began our journey through Steven’s Passage, known for being feeding ground for Humpback whales, and pods swam alongside the ship for what seemed like hours. We stood, huddled together in the rain on the deck, as the Miracle’s onboard naturalist directed us where to look and told the cruisers about the feeding and migratory habits of the species. Afterwards, Angeline and I boarded a small Catamaran and took the only excursion the ship offered as we drifted through Tracy Arm Fjord, a close up encounter with the Glaciers.


There were harbor seals lazing on icebergs, lolling about with their little furry fat rolls jiggling, their whiskers twitching, just enjoying a lazy day in the sun. Our naturalist explained that in the Glacier Bay, the seals had no predators because the whales don’t go that far into the bay – that’s their safe space! They weren’t feeding, they were just lounging around, mother and pups, enjoying not being at the bottom of the food chain for a moment. We even got to see a few swimming around!

And the glaciers? They were pretty spectacular in their own right. Of course I’d never seen a glacier in person before and I was startled by the bright blue color deep within the glacier itself, which became even more beautiful as we experienced a capping! I know that the term is White Thunder, when a piece of the glacier breaks off and falls into the sea – forming an iceberg. But wow, is the name incredibly spot on! Imagine a deep, rolling thunder and then SPLASH as the ice hits the water!

The best part of the day was right before we headed to dinner – a killer whale swam alongside our balcony and Angeline was screaming MOOOOMMMMM! From outside as I rushed to get out of the shower. I only managed to catch it as it swam towards the back of the ship, but even that far away, it was an impressive sight!


Our last port of call in Alaska (before heading to Victoria, BC, and then back to Seattle on Tuesday) is in Juneau, and part of our The Best of Juneau shore excursion includes whale watching. All of my camera batteries and phone charges are plugged in…I imagine I will be taking A LOT of photos!

I was excited to see Alaska. The forests, the ocean, the wilderness, the icebergs and glaciers…but the wildlife was the main draw for me. We’re only halfway through the trip and I’ve already seen more than I ever anticipated…


West Marine Kicks Off The Dog Days of Summer Contest!

West Marine, the world’s largest waterlife retailer, recently kicked off its “Dog Days of Summer” social media contest. Starting July 29 and ending September 2, West Marine is honoring the water-loving dogs in our lives. They are looking for pictures of pooches enjoying the breeze on the bow, taking a nap on the dock, playing in the waves or riding along on stand-up paddleboards.

While my own dogs hate the water, I think this is such a cute idea! I know a lot of families bring their fur babies on the boat with them, because I’ve been seeing them all over Facebook and Instagram this summer!

west marine

Five $100 Gift Cards to Winning Pooch Photos

To enter, post your photos through Instagram or Facebook Each week during the contest period West Marine will select a winning photo and the entrant will receive a $100 West Marine gift card that can be used to outfit your furry friend, your boat or yourself! How fun is that?!

Contest Dates: Photo entries can be submitted between Tuesday, July 29 and Tuesday, September 2. Winners will be selected Tuesday, August 5, 12, 19, 26, and September 2.

Entry Process: Photos can be submitted through Instagram or Facebook. To enter on Facebook, post pictures with hashtags #dogdaysofsummer and #westmarine. To enter on Instagram, tag uploaded photos to WestMarineInc, with hashtags #dogdaysofsummer #westmarine.

Judging Criteria: Judges are looking for cute, fun photos of dogs enjoying life on or near the water. (Note: The dog in the photo doesn’t need to be owned by the entrant, but the entrant should have the rights to entered photos.)

Winner Notification: Winners will be contacted via the social media channel which the photo was submitted to. Electronic gift card will be sent by email.

Save Time and Money Without Sacrificing Great Food!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of American Frozen Foods Institute and the Frozen Food Roundtable for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Busy parents and busy working folks are always looking for ways to save money, save time and still eat well. It's an age-old conundrum: how do we enjoy a nice meal without spending a lot of time and money making it? How can we eat a great lunch without losing valuable working time? How do we feed the kids a satisfying meal on a busy weeknight when we have back to back sports meets, dance classes, piles of homework…and a headache to boot? Well, that's where mama's best friend comes into play: frozen food. 

How Fresh Stays Fresh photo fd062587-c45b-4ca2-bc3c-86b7166181f5_zpscaf03e88.png

We heavily rely on frozen foods because they are ready when we are! That is one of the many benefits of frozen foods, having pre-made frozen meals on hand allow busy families like ours to spend less time in the kitchen and more time together enjoying our meals. It doesn't even have to be a complete frozen meal – you can customize your favorite dishes with frozen foods to save time making your favorite recipes too! 

For instance, you can toss your favorite Birds Eye Steamfresh Vegetables in with chicken and rice or sprinkle some breadcrumbs and bacon pieces on Stouffer's Mac & Cheese after cooking – it's all about creating a dish that your family will love without a maximum amount of work. 

Macaroni and Cheese photo a9d19283-e7ae-4010-9d37-31027705f346_zps703409d9.jpg

Frozen. How Fresh Stays Fresh

The thing about frozen food that many aren't aware of is that it is REAL food – many brands concentrate on creating delicious meals that are full of fresh, quality ingredients, like Green Giant (boxed ad bagged products) - they are cooked and then frozen to lock in the nutrients and flavor. I don't think there is really a fresh vs frozen benefit – frozen food is just a frozen fresh food. Once it's cooked or thawed – it's the same thing, just much more convenient. Frozen foods are perfect for people who put a lot of effort and care into what they eat because every single ingredient is listed right on the packaging – there are no surprises and no guesswork involved! 

I love that I can find easy meal options to stock the freezer and not have to worry about their calories! With options like Smart Ones meals and Healthy Choice frozen Greek yogurt, I can enjoy delicious, satisfying meals and stay on track with eating healthy. I seriously need to lose the summer vacation weight…Frozen foods makes counting calories really easy, especially with single serving meal options from Smart Ones, Kellogg's and ConAgra Foods. The serving sizes are clear and every package has complete nutritional information that you can enter into any food diary or diet tracker. 

Stir Fry photo 57f801d3-9964-4242-a9dc-e9599d3ba6d6_zps8230b605.jpg

Frozen is how fresh stays fresh; by locking in the flavor and nutrients of the foods we love, brands like ConAgra, Schwan's, Heinz, and Pinnacle hit nature’s pause button so when you heat up that meal, it tastes just as if it had been freshly prepared for you that same day.   

One of the things I love most about frozen food meal options like this Smart Ones Three Cheese Ziti Marinara is that it's EASY! When I am home, my blogging schedule is pretty hectic, because I try to only work while Angeline is in school. That means 7 am to 2 pm – I always eat lunch at my desk, and if I can throw a yummy meal like this in the microwave and have it ready within minutes, with no prep or dishes to wash afterwards (except for a fork), it makes my life so much easier. I am left satisfied and I am not left reaching for junk food later in the day because I was too busy to eat lunch!

I used to bring meals like this with me to the office when I worked a regular office job too. You can save so much money by bringing lunches from home, but who has time to put together lunchboxes for yourself when you're done making lunches for the kids? You can void the fast food drive through by stocking up on a few different varieties of frozen meals and enjoy a delicious hot lunch at work without ever leaving the building. Instead of spending time going through the drive through, take a short walk or relax for the rest of your lunch hour!



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Say Goodbye to Wrinkles with Alurent 90 Second Anti-Aging Serum #Alurent90SecondBeauty

I told my friend the other day, “I feel like ever since I hit 35, I’ve had one foot in the grave.” I was only half kidding. I used to think it was crazy, the way women lied about their age and acted like their late 30s were such a big deal…I felt that way until I turned 35 and my body began to revolt against me. It’s almost as if every pore of my existence screamed out I AM GETTING OLD AND THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT!

Drama queen much? You betcha. One look at the billion and twelve gray hairs peeking through my hair dye, slower-than-molasses metabolism and the fine lines forming at the corners of my eyes and you’d see why.


When I was asked to try out the new skincare product that is said to help you get a smoother complexion in just 90 seconds, I was all “Yes, please!” Alurent Anti-Aging + Instant Erasure Serum is a unique formula tightens loose and sagging skin to visibly lift as it smooths creases and tighten wrinkles and fine lines. They say that you may see and feel the difference in literally 90 seconds. Seeing as how it took 35 years for these fine lines – I just can’t wrap my head around the word “wrinkles.” It feels too definite. And depressing – I wasn’t quite sure how that would be possible.

Well, I have been using the sample they sent me for almost two weeks now and I can actually see a difference! While it doesn’t erase my lines completely, it does a good job of filling them in and smoothing them out. And it works FAST – I didn’t expect it to make a visible difference in 90 seconds but it really did!

Alurent is offering a special online shopping discount for new Alurent Anti-Aging + Instant Erasure Serum. For a limited time, by entering the code SHOP50 at checkout, you will receive a discounted price of $50 and free shipping at!

What exactly is Alurent and How Does it Work?

Alurent Anti-Aging+ Instant Erasure Serum is a patented, new skincare product that tightens skin to visibly lift as it smoothest creases and wrinkles. It re-hydrates skin and has an instant effect, but when you use it daily, it will help your skin regain a more youthful appearance over time. It’s the ultimate in anti-aging technology that is non-surgical – and totally safe (as opposed to any cosmetic surgery, which always includes some risk!). You can also use it under your make up – think of it as the ultimate primer! There’s also a risk-free , 14 day money back guarantee.

You can learn more about the Alurent and the Alurent Anti-Aging+ Instant Erasure Serum on

For a limited time, use the special shopping code SHOP50 to discount your purchase of new Alurent Anti-Aging + Instant Erasure Serum to $50 plus free shipping at This is more than a $30 savings!

I received product to review through partnership with Alurent. All the opinions included in my review are my own.

Save 30% on Absolute LoJack During Device Theft Awareness Month! #AbsoluteUncovered

We have all heard the horror stories about stolen smartphones, laptops and tablets. Sometimes we have a false sense of security, if for no other reason than we have the “It won’t happen to me!” mentality. I used to think that too – until Angeline’s iPhone was stolen from her back pack at school! Absolute LoJack offers protection of your smartphone and the valuable information held there in the event your device is stolen, as not only can you track stolen laptops or tablets through the software but you have a team of investigators on the case as well! I just recently learned about Absolute LoJack for smartphones, I wish that I had known about this before!

Think about all of the information stored on your mobile devices: photos, financial information, private documents, passwords…if anyone were to steal my phone, I would probably have a heart attack because the criminal could literally wipe out my entire business and all of my finances…it would NOT be pretty. I am guessing that you guys are probably all in the same boat, right? Because we all use our phones for so many things, banking, PayPal and credit card apps, password storage, social networks, personal emails.

Take the How Secure Is Your Phone Quiz to see how vulnerable your phone is – I bet the results will shock (and scare) you!

dangerous things infographic

Do you think you’d be okay if your smartphone was stolen? Think again! Are you guilty of any of the following?

No password on your smartphone
Auto sign-in for banking and financial websites
Take, send, and store nude photos on your device
Click on links in fraudulent emails
Post photos online while on vacation
Post photos online without turning off location settings
Share personal data with fraudsters who call pretending to be from their bank
Sport a naked smartphone, or don’t use a case
Connect to unsecure wireless networks

No smartphone insurance I know that I am guilty of at least 2 or 3 myself…especially the ones about sharing information about my travels – it’s part of my job as a blogger so I have no choice in the matter. Smartphone Security Basics are an absolute must and mobile security is about protecting your data, not just the cost of replacing a lost or stolen device. 

As we delve deeper into Device Theft Awareness Month with Absolute LoJack Uncovered, I want to help you protect yourself and your smartphone! Get 30% off a 1- yr. Absolute LoJack Standard or Premium Subscription just be using the special promo code UNCOVER30 at checkout. This offer is valid through Aug 31st, so you still have time to take advantage – and make sure to tell your friends and family too!

You can learn more about LoJack for smartphones on the Absolute LoJack website.

Did You Have a Honeymoon Mishap? #CystexBurningLove

This is a product-provided, sponsored conversation that contains affiliate links. I received Cystex® PLUS Urinary Pain Relief Tablets and Cystex® Liquid Cranberry Complex for my own personal use.  All opinions, text and experiences are my own.
I think I know more people with honeymoon horror stories than I do without, and my own was no exception! Our honeymoon was so anticlimactic that we try to recreate a little honeymoon magic every time our wedding anniversary rolls around, and last year no exception! We booked a cozy room with a fireplace at a secluded mountaintop resort and guess what? It rained the entire time.


I mean, really – the entire time.
There were gorgeous views all around us, which usually lends to romance. But it’s almost impossible to foster romance around a campfire when…you can’t make a campfire because it won’t stop raining. It literally rained all the way from Florida to North Carolina (we drove up) and didn’t stop once while we were there – and we were there for seven days!


We tried to make the best of a bad situation and do some sightseeing. We drove around in the SUV and explored roads that we had never taken befor. We sought out waterfalls that were overflowing due to the steady rains. We even got out of the truck and checked out a few spots that we wanted to come back to – if it ever stopped raining.


At one point we thought it might clear up because it hadn’t rained hard in a few hours, so we set out to explore the nearby Fontana Lake, a resevoir created in 1942 during the costruction of Fontana Dam. I was a gorgeous place, and when it’s not raining, they offer fishing, sunset cruises. Of course, as soon as we arrived and took a few photos, it started raining really hard again.


And then we were stranded in our gorgeous mountaintop resort due to flash flood warnings.
I would have never thought that my attempt to recreate our honeymoon would end in such disaster!
All I can say is thank goodness we had a family vacation month before, with plenty of sunshine on a Caribbean cruise! We had adventure and romance that was enough to make up for the sorry state of affairs in North Carolina.


Many women deal with a different kind of honeymoon mishap, aka Honeymoon Cystitis. It’s not fun!
If you have never experienced the awful burning sensation associated with a urinary tract infection, count yourself among the lucky ones! Many women develop a UTI during their honeymoon due to frequent…um, romantic encounters.

Hey, that’s what honeymoons are for! Romantic encounters, not UTIs.

Have you seen the Cystex Burning Love video? You can watch it here: I think that this pretty much sums it up!

UTIs are serious business, did you know that 8 to 10 million people in the U.S. develop UTIs each year? 1 in 5 women will contract a UTI in their lifetime and 20% of women with UTIs develop reoccurring infections. One of the leading causes of UTIs is intercourse, and of course, that’s what honeymoons are all about – thus, the “Honeymoon Cystitis” nickname.

Fortunately, there is help out there for honeymooners (and non honeymooners as well, because let’s face it, it happens more often than we’d like to admit)! Cystex® PLUS Urinary Pain Relief Tablets help numb the pain and burning sensation with an analgesic so that youre UTI doesn’t ruin your entire honeymoon or romantic getaway experience.


And they are the only OTC UTI medication with an antibacterial agent that helps to contain the progression of the infection while easing the pain and discomfort while you wait to see your physician! Because who wants to end a honeymoon early for a doctor’s visit? That’s certainly not very romantic!

I have used Cystex myself for years now. Cystex is easy to take: for adults and children 12 years and older, take two tablets with a full glass of water three times per day.  It is also recommended to drink plenty of water during the course of therapy to help flush everything out of your system. Of course, you should ALWAYS drink plenty of water, especially during heavy romantic spells.

Cystex® Liquid Cranberry Complexis a great-tasting, drug-free, daily supplement that is clinically proven to promote urinary health. It delivers the benefit of cranberry juice in its unique, convenient Proantinox® cranberry formula containing vitamin C – and is sugar- free! I just started using this and while it took a bit to get used to, you only need a tiny bit each day so it’s not bad at all! If you suffer from frequent UTIs, you can take just one tablespoon a day to decrease the frequency of urinary tract infections.

Please note that Cystex® PLUS Urinary Pain Relief Tablets and Cystex® Liquid Cranberry Complex are not meant to cure a urinary tract infection or to replace a doctor’s care. These items are to help you deal with them while you try to see a doctor and of course, the liquid is to try and help prevent a UTI from happening in the first place.


You can buy Cystex products in in mass market retailers nationwide including, Walmart, Rite Aid, Duane Reade, as well as online retailers. Visit the Where to Buy section here to find a specific listing for your area.

You can find out more information about the relationship between intercourse and UTIs here. Don’t forget to like the Cystex Facebook Page to hear about other honeymoon mishaps too!

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For more information about Cystex® and to learn more about burning love visit 

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cystex®. The opinions and text are all mine.

Kid-Friendly Candy DOTS Recipe

Summer is almost over…well, it is in Miami, anyway! The kids go back to school in the middle of August, which has always shocked me because it’s the hottest time of the year! I wish our school system would wait until Labor Day, when it’s just a little bit cooler. As the summer comes to an end, I think our kids are probably crawling the walls with anticipation – or dread – about going back to school. Why not let them have a little extra fun in the days leading up to school starting? This Kid-Friendly Candy DOTS recipe is so simple to whip up and the kids will have a blast making them…and eating them too, of course!
Kool-Aid DOTS Recipe

Kool-Aid DOTS Recipe

2 cups of powder sugar
1 Egg white
2 Table spoons (about) of honey (I just drizzle the honey for 6 seconds.)
1 table spoon of water
Wax paper -Cut into small pieces for the candy
Kool-Aid DOTS Recipe
First start by mixing your powder sugar and egg whites together. Then add in your honey and water. If it is too thick then add another table spoon of water. It should become like a thick paste.

Now you want to separate into 2-4 bowls. Then add in a half of packet of kool aid into the bowl and mix well. Then add each color into a icing bag or even a zip lock baggy to the one corner.

Kool-Aid DOTS Recipe

Then snip off the corner and make little dots on your wax paper.

You want to let it sit and harden a little before enjoying.

Kool-Aid DOTS Recipe