Outdoor Patio Furniture Trends for Summer!

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The standard of outdoor furniture has improved greatly in recent times. New innovations in design, coupled with the desire of many people to improve their gardens has led to more people buying things like rattan furniture to adorn their porches, patios and balconies. As summer’s coming, the time to look at the latest developments in outdoor furniture is now.

One of the biggest developments in garden furniture is that of rattan furniture. Rattan is a material made from thin strips and interwoven tightly to ensure that the finished product is strong and durable, and is also incredibly lightweight. Rattan furniture is resistant to just about any adverse weather conditions that come its way including cold, heat and UV rays, as well as, if near a swimming pool, chlorine and salt water. In addition to all that, it’s comfortable to sit on and comes in an array of different colours and formations.


By visiting a website like bridgman.co.uk, you’re sure to find that rattan furniture is becoming increasingly popular with retailers due to demand from people all over the country. However, rattan isn’t the only recent innovation in garden furniture. Designed with the patio in mind, all-weather garden furniture is being made by some manufacturers. Like rattan, it’s resistant to all forms of weather, but this also covers the upholstering as well as the base.

All-weather garden furniture has been created so that it can be used at all times of the year, and not for occasional use during the summer for a barbecue or outdoor dinner party. All weather furniture can cope with snow and frost as well as heavy rain and extreme heat, and many items don’t compromise on style. With other items of garden furniture, the cushions need to be taken indoors to protect them from getting damaged by rain or snow, but with all-weather cushions, that’s not the case.

If you are looking to spruce up your patio this summer, rattan and all-weather furniture seems to be the way to go! I love the idea of having a beautiful patio furniture set that won’t be ruined by our rainy Florida summers!

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  1. says

    Oh man I thought maybe u got all that furniture for review purposes, now that would rock, that stuff is beautiful! I was just outside last night figuring out our entertaining area! Love these trends!

  2. says

    Okay, so I just settled on putting in a little zen herb garden outside instead of a patio and now you have to go and make me want a patio again! Love those rattan chairs with the big wood table–how great would that be for entertaining?!

  3. John says

    Very nice sets.
    I saved some money for now by replacing my damaged ugly patio chair fabrics by new ones. A good alternative. See how you can do it yourself at patiochairsupplies.com

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