Otterbox iPad Defender Case Review…supporting my addiction to Words With Friends

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I bought my iPad2 last month – well, let me rephrase that – my husband and I bought it, for me, as my anniversary gift. My husband first brought up the conversation of getting me one for my birthday back in April but I managed to convince him that I didn’t really need one.

Only, once the thought was in my head…I couldn’t get it out. I suddenly began thinking about it all the time. Each time I looked at my iPhone4, I wished it were bigger. Each time I played Words with Friends, I wished the games were bigger (because I rationalized each time I had my ass handed to me in a game that I would have done better on a bigger screen)…and then when I went to Toronto and my friend’s internet was turned off because they were leaving for a 6 week vacation, and I lugged my laptop the three blocks to Starbucks each day, I found myself wishing I had an iPad.

So, yes, I love my iPad2. The camera could be better, but I have two cameras plus the iPhone, so that’s a non-issue. If I am currently beating your butt at Words with Friends, you can aim your hatred towards my iPad2.

I recently received a travel case for my iPad, which worked great when I went to Barbados a few weeks ago, but it’s a bit cumbersome to use around the house. The awesome people at Otterbox agreed to send me one of their Ultimate Defender iPad cases to review, and I had high hopes that it would not only protect my iPad from two shelties who love to jump on my lap while the iPad is sitting in it, but also be more comfortable to hold and prop up when I am watching hours upon hours of Blink-182 videos on Youtube.

Let me tell you, Otterbox doesn’t disappoint! While at first I was a bit intimidated by the process of putting the Defender case ON the iPad2, once I took a look at the instructions (which are printed right on the box so you can’t lose ’em!), it made sense.

The OtterBox Defender Series for the iPad 2 is actually quite perfect for what I wanted it for! It’s said to be the most rugged of the line of Otterbox cases, using multi-layer technology and designed to withstand just about any environment. I don’t plan to take my iPad2 out of the house in this case, because I am paranoid about dropping it (I drop my iPhone constantly), but I can see how this would be fine for travel as well.  The inner layer is made of a polycarbonate material and acts as a shell, and it also has a foam interior to protect the back of the iPad from scratching. My favorite part is the durable silicone skin that covers the outside layer of the case – it absorbs shock but what is really cool is that it prevents the iPad from slipping! Whether I set the iPad on the glass coffee table or on my wooden laptop work table, it stays put unless I pick it up and move it. Even when my cat jumped up on the table and nudged it, it didn’t slide off.

Another thing I really like about the Defender case is that it has a fold-out stand props the iPad up for better viewing and easier typing!

Priced at $89.95, I’d say this is an investment for your precious iPad2 that you won’t regret. Otterbox also has cases in the Defender series for other tablet devices and smart phones – including the iPhone4 (which I may just have to get!), reasonably priced. Go check them out!

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