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If there is one thing I’m obsessed with, it’s travel. Even after I find myself arriving home from a less-than-stellar trip, and swearing off travel for the next few months, I somehow wind up booking a red eye for my destination. I can’t help myself! There are so many places I’ve yet to go and so much I want to see, and there are always a bunch of friends asking me, “Where are we going next?” or “I want to go to Greece, do you want to go?” The answer is usually a resounding yes from me.

When I’m not traveling, I’m writing about travels, sharing my travels or reading about someone else’s travel – and throwing in brunch with friends somewhere in between. So when I downloaded the MrOwl App it’s only natural that my first branch was about…travel. You can Sign Up! too!

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MrOwl is a free app that provides a home for all of your interests – it’s not just limited to travel. It’s made up of content by everyday people, so there are topics on travel, cooking, recipes, restaurants, television shows, pop culture, musicians – just about anything that anyone could ever be interested in. It’s organized by “branches,” where each branch is a topic. Within a topic, you can organize sub-topics, photos, links to your favorite articles and more. I organized my Travel Branch into three subtopics: USA Travel, Caribbean Travel, and European Travel.

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I’m also a bit of a tattoo fan (I have six so far and I’m planning a new one soon), so I ended up following a few tattoo branches too while searching for other travelers. I even found branches for food and some of my favorite TV shows.  What I really love is how easy it is to use MrOwl. I can find and add content within the app, contribute to community branches, or even add links and photos to my own branches while surfing the web from my phone.

Photo Jul 09, 2 39 46 PM

For instance, I have written hundreds of articles about my travels on the blog. Using the “add link by searching the web” tool I was able to quickly and easily add various links from the blog to my “nest,”.  which is a spot to hold links until you know where you want to put them.  From there I easily organized them into different topics: USA, Caribbean or European Travel. I can also “grab” my favorite branches from other users to make finding them easy-peasy.

A quick look at my home basically says food, tattoos and travel are LIFE. But I’ll work on expanding those interest to my other joys in life like being a dog and cat mom, or the best brunch places in Miami. The options are endless!

Photo Jul 09, 2 51 56 PM

One of the best parts of MrOwl is how organized it is. If you like things really organized, you will find that using MrOwl is simply blissful. With branches, sub-topics, photos and links all laid out neatly with titles and descriptions, you always know exactly what you’re looking at. The home screen is also organized into currently trending branches, your personal branches, and branches you have “grabbed” to follow.  I don’t think I’ve ever used an app that was quite so user friendly right off the bat!

You can join me on MrOwl (you know you want to!) and Download the MrOwl app to get started with your own content too.

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