Orchard Mile Offers ALL of Your Designer Needs in One Place

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There’s something so energizing and exciting when navigating down Rodeo Drive or your favorite shopping street wielding designer bags filled with your new favorite items. You don’t usually get that same rush when shopping online, but that’s where Orchard Mile comes in and wants to shake things up.


Orchard Mile is named for Singapore’s famed retail and entertainment shopping district Orchard Road and the Miracle Mile. They believe that online shopping should feel just as luxurious as it does when in person. They feel it should be just as inviting as stepping into your most-frequented boutique, complete with attentive service. They aim to recapture the experience of entering a luxury store, surrounded with space, simplicity and beauty. At Orchard Mile, they offer access to all the designers you love with a single shopping bag.


Formed in 2014, Orchard Mile aims to be your favorite place to shop full collections online directly from the designers’ sites with one simple shopping bag. You can browse, search and explore luxury items from all over the web yet easily check out once, allowing for your credit card information to be saved for your next visit, too.

Before delving into designers like Oscar de la Renta, Cynthia Rowley, and Diane von Furstenberg by name and collection, I first navigated over to Orchard Mile’s “Travel Essentials” section and became enamored with some of their offerings. I was so surprised at how easy it was to peruse all the designers either by designer’s name or category with one easy-to-use cart for all!


Because I have quite a few events coming up, I then popped over to the “Night Out” category to have a gander (and a little ogling).


You can’t help but love the fact that, on top of offering one handy-dandy place to check out after shopping all these designers and categories, then they go ahead and offer free shipping and returns, too! Given that I live in Miami and I travel to the Caribbean quite often, I couldn’t resist checking out their “Beach Bound” section to see what fun beach-inspired pieces they had. Everything was so lovely and chic!


While Orchard Mile is currently only shipping to the US at this time, they are planning to expand to other countries soon. Very exciting!

Also exciting – Orchard Mile was recently named to the Breakthrough Brands report by Interbrand, and I can definitely see why! The owners offer the kind of personalized service for their online boutique that you would normally find in person at a brick and mortar store. You really should check out Orchard Mile and let me know what you think of their convenience and top notch designer service!

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