News on Wiz Khalifa Tickets and Upcoming Album

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There are still a few more shows in the Wiz Khalifa tour which concludes soon!

The hip-hop artist is finishing up his tour to promote his first studio album “Rolling Papers.” Khalifa’s sophomore album, “O.N.I.F.C.,” should be released soon as well. Wiz Khalifa tickets are on sale for all of the remaining concerts.


Although the pop rap artist created quite a dew independent albums and mix tapes prior to “Rolling Papers,” this album was the first one released under a major record label. Rolling Papers reached the second spot on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart and first place on both the R&B/Hip Hop and Rap album charts.

Khalifa blends rap lyrics with pop rhythms accented with a few electronic and techno touches. The lyrics cover the usual topics of the genre, including partying, relationships, and of course – living the high life. The artist has been known to be a forefront of the party scene, and the lavish, fashionable, and popular identity of the musical artist all but solidifies these perceptions.

Although the lyric topics are your standard rap fare, the bouncy beats are more similar to the pop songs so popular today. The tunes don’t have the gritty driving rhythms typically associated with the genre; some tunes seem to be influenced by reggae, which isn’t a bad thing. The bright tempo of his songs is one of his most recognizable traits, and many of his songs feature driving, poppy beats. 

“Work Hard Play Hard” is the first single from the new album. It combines rapped verses with a sung chorus. The chorus has a typical bouncy beat and melody. They lyrics are a bit more defiant than those on the first album. They edge towards hardcore, but are still unlikely to offend middle class suburbanites.

A mix tape has also been released to promote the newest Khalifa album. “Taylor Allderdice” is more of a rhythm and blues sound. Although there are still plenty of references to daily struggle in life, Khalifa also explores the joys of life, simply having a good time, and being a part of the party culture. He also spends some time on the mix tape addressing the challenges of stardom like jealous friends and his critical reviewers. The tape has several short interview segments in between the songs.

Both of Khalifa’s parents were in the military, which caused them to move often. They lived in Japan, Germany and the United Kingdom before they settled in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Khalifa graduated from Taylor Allderdice High School and is a big sports fan.

His hit single “Black and Yellow” is a tribute to the Pittsburgh Steelers and the team ended up adopting the tune as one of their unofficial theme songs. It was a number one hit on the Billboard chart and was a top-selling single for the year. It has been sampled and remixed by many other performers due to its popularity.

While his music continues to stay on top-rated music charts and blasts through earbuds everywhere, Wiz Khalifa tickets are sure to remain a hot item for a long time to come, after the debut of next album. 

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