New Blog, Not So New Design…

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Last year, I decided that I wanted to blog. I need to write. I wanted a creative outlet. And so, Rebel Chick’s Journey was born on I HATED the web address. I wanted because I have called myself Rebel Chick ever since the MySpace days (I was little barbie doll back when I was younger, thinner and more adorable).

Some buy-naked-pictures-of-me-online skank already had that website. I was crushed. I settled for the .net address and have regretted it ever since. A few months ago, I felt that my website design needed a pick-me-up. I love my theme, and the customization options, but something about my page just felt wrong. I also wanted a web address that rolled off the tongue a little nicer than my .net address. I decided to transfer over to the new blog along with a little face-lift.

I’m still fine tuning the details, but here we go! The new blog is up and running. I’ll be forwarding my old blog over, but I would L O V E if you guys would be so great as to follow me on Google Connect at this new address!

Hugs & Blog Kisses,


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    Congratulations!!!! I’ve found that like anything else..blogging really is a journey and it takes a little while to find a place you really feel at home in…if you know what I mean?

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