My Top 3 Favorite Free Online Casinos

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What a day and age to be living in for any fan of casino games. Not only do you have hundreds of online casinos where you can enjoy the best games in the industry and win massive prizes but you can also play quality casino games for free.

Yes, you’ve heard that right: “free. Because unlike the no-deposit casinos you will find in a dedicated site that reviews them, you can also find great social casinos where you can’t really win money, but you can have plenty of fun. If this sounds exciting to you, check out my top 3 picks and get your poker face on.


Double Down

Double Down is a massively popular social casino that is now owned by IGT – a game developing company that sells games to real-money casinos. This means that you can get the same games you would get at a real casino, only without spending a single dime.

But what makes the casino amazing, apart from having licensed slots like House of Cards or Orange is the New Black is that it offers a full range of games. Most free casinos will focus on slots only, but not Double Down. With this casino you’ll really feel as though you’ve entered a real Vegas hall, the only difference being that your bucket of chips will be entirely digital.

And if games are not your only selling point, Double Down also has a number of great features that might make up your mind:

  • You can play with the same account on all of your devices (mobile and Facebook apps)
  • A very generous welcome bonus.
  • Daily free spins and other bonuses
  • Sharing drinks, rewards, and jackpots with your friends.


Jackpot Party

True to its name, Jackpot Party is nothing more than a real party for those looking for whopping jackpots. If you still haven’t tried it, this casino is a smooth running and visually stunning casino game that also has a mobile app and a social feature.

As you might have guessed by now, Jackpot Party’s game collection is entirely made up from slots. This might be a con for fans of card games, but it doesn’t have to be, as the casino offers some of the best free slots around. Anything from the graphics and audio quality to the exciting jackpot pools screams so much with quality high-roller experience that you’ll be tempted to shout: “Vegas Baby!” as you go.

Another reason why I like Jackpot Party is that you don’t have to unlock every slot to enjoy the casino. Even the basic slot collection given to any new-joiner is enough to make you have fun. What more do you need out of a free casino?


MyVegas Slots

And finally, my last choice would have to be MyVegas Slots, for a number of reasons:

First of all is the design quality of the casino itself. Despite being quite new, MyVegas Slots offers the very top-notch experience that you would expect from a seasoned casino game maker.

Secondly, MyVegas Slots offers some of the most unique casino games of today. Their slots are quirky, charming, and made with cartoon-like graphics, which is really a breath of fresh air for anyone too tired of playing the same type of casino games. However, the only downside might be that there is only Blackjack and slots, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be a con.

And lastly, one of the biggest reasons why MyVegas Slots is a top casino is that you can win real prizes in Vegas by playing games. The chips won at the casino can be exchanged for accommodation at MGM Resorts, tickets to Vegas shows, or even a beer and a stake at an MGM casino. Now, that is an offer no one can refuse.


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