My Sister’s Getting Married! My Sister’s Getting Married!

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Can you tell I’m excited?

In just four short days, my little sister, Bug, is getting married to a wonderful man. I am starting to tear up just typing this!

The next few days are going to be a whirlwind of decorating, hair appointments, make up sessions, manicure appointments, shopping for her wedding gift, rehearsal dinner…and making sure that I actually fit into my bridesmaid dress!


One of the most fun parts of her wedding was the bachelorette party – but I missed that because I went out of town for a press event last weekend. Boo! (Don’t worry, the press event was fantastic and sis was okay with me missing the bachelorette party!)

One of my other sisters sent me this picture while I was in California so that I didn’t feel too left out of the festivities…

I think I could have probably done without the visual! Ha!

As part of her wedding gift, I purchased the cake topper for her and her fiance. They are both really into Nightmare Before Christmas, so I found a Jack and Sally figurine set that was made into a cake topper. It came with champagne flutes, a cake cutter and server set, and a guest sign-in book.

She absolutely loves it! I bought it on Etsy, and the company that created it has a ton of other themes, so check Your Cake Topper out if you are in the market for a unique cake topper!

My poor mother, she and my aunt are handling almost every aspect of the wedding except for the food – my mom and dad are having it catered by my favorite resturant – a little mom and pop Italian join called Mama Mia’s. I am so excited for the food, I know it’s going to be awesome; I just don’t know if I will pop the zipper on my bridesmaid dress after I gorge, um, I mean eat…

This is the first wedding in my family in over 10 years…so I am a little more excited than I would be if say, we’d just had a wedding recently. I kept asking my mom what I could do to help because she is so stressing out over everything! The only thing she left up to me was putting together the glasses for the toast.

I have to admit, it took me a good 15 minutes to figure out exactly how my mom tied the knot to make the bow look the way it did!

Now…if we can just fast forward to the wedding! I can’t wait to see my sister in her RED WEDDING DRESS! That’s right, her dress is a custom made red gown! Little sis is anything but ordinary, and she chose a dress to match her uniqueness. I am so proud of her! I would have never had the balls to wear a bright colored gown to my wedding.

I was scandalous enough wearing a light blue gown to my ‘wedding’ – which consisted of a handful of family members at my cousin’s church. I got married in the courthouse and had a small family ceremony in North Carolina so that the family could have their church wedding. Ha!

My sister, being the spunky gal that she is, is getting married outdoors in a historical village nearby – in a garden in front of a fountain. I can’t wait to see the photos that are taken during the wedding, I am sure that they are going to be lovely!

Look out for my posts in the coming weeks for photos from the wedding!

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  1. says

    Lol, I can just imagine what you missed at the bachelorette party. I love that your sister is doing her the wedding the way she wants it versus bending to standard traditions. Have fun and thanks for sharing the cake topper shop on Etsy!

  2. says

    I can’t WAIT until one of my sisters gets married! All three of my brothers have gotten married since I did almost 5 years ago, but I’m still waiting to get to be in on the sister side of things for a wedding. :-) It’s gonna be fun!

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