My Random Sunday Observations

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My husband, daughter and I went out to lunch, to the mall and to a movie Sunday…and as usual, I saw a ton of things that made me think, “that needs to be blogged!” I see so many things around my neighborhood in Miami on a regular basis that I am thinking of starting a weekly post…”Things I see in Miami.”

Exhibit A

Now, I realize as I type this that someone is going to be offended. If you use a leash for your child, well, then, we will just have to agree to disagree on parenting techniques. I never used a leash on my daughter, although she was a little hellion at that age. You know what I did? I carried her. And I chased her. And I held her hand. Because there was no way in hell that I was going to turn my back on my daughter for one second – not after what happened to Adam Walsh and Jimmy Ryce. I was dating Jimmy Ryce’s brother when he went missing. Knowing a family member of an abducted child, well, that shines a whole new light on the matter.

My issue with this is not the leash. Look at it. Two adults. One baby. Who is looking at the baby? NO ONE. Just because your child is tethered to your wrist doesn’t mean they are safe. Pay attention to your babies, people!

Exhibit B

This is totally and completely awesome. When my daughter saw me trying to ninja cam this woman’s prosthetic leg, she thought I was being cruel and was going to make fun of her on Twitter (um, does she know me? That is 100% the opposite of who I am!), and I had to explain that I loved the SHOE. Yes, the colorful prosthetic leg is awesome, but that shoe? Well, that shoe is awesomesauce. I love it that this woman found a way to make herself feel stylish and cool, regardless of the fact that she lost her leg. God bless her heart!

Exhibit C

What the eff, Kenneth Cole? While it’s true that “take it all off” may very well be the mentality of Miami natives because of the heat, it’s not appropriate to plaster this all over the wall of our mall.

So uncool. Our children see your big, blatant advertising. See that girl in the jeans and tee-shirt in the reflection of the mirror? That’s my 14-year-old daughter reading that advertisement. That’s not exactly the message I want her to see while we’re strolling through the mall on a Sunday afternoon.

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  1. says

    OMG this is to good, leashes were not around when my kids were little, I cannot ever, ever imagine, I can’t help but look at parents with a weird look when I see this. Oh the leash with the pacifier in the mouth, I only passified in private, you know, I did ‘prop’ the bottle!

    • says

      I love that shoe. I can only assume she’s had several made to match her own shoes, because this plastic foot mold was almost identical to the sandal she was wearing on the other foot!

    • says

      My picture came out blurry because I was across the waiting area, but it was actually ON the plastic, like she had it painted or stained. It was really pretty!

  2. says

    I must confess… when my daughter was almost 2, I did use one of those leash things, but ONLY for the walk from our apartment across the complex to the laundry facility. And ONLY if I absolutely had no other choice but to take her with me. I couldn’t afford a stroller, so it was the only option for me. I never, ever used it any other way.

    People that use it the way it’s depicted in the 1st photo are just lazy..

    no WAY would I ever turn my back on my child, even if she were tethered to me.

    Are those Crocs I spy?? I love me some crocs!

    • says

      My issue isn’t really with the leash, it’s the fact that the parent isn’t watching her son! I am paranoid about kidnapping & I see this as an opportunity for a child abductor to snatch that baby! :(

  3. Heidi says

    so, i probley dont remember, but i had a leash for phoenix for mall trips…i dont know if you remember me bringing you, two of your sisters and phoenix to the mall to christmas shop….but dawn and phoenix…whew…if i could have duct taped them together i would of!!! lol they where all over the place!!! and then for Raven and Lexi…i didnt have a choice….they would take off in different directions!!! I loved my kid leash!!!! they didnt want to ride in the stoller, they wanted to walk….so….the leash was my way of keeping them together…..but…i do agree with watching the kids….i lived 3 blocks from the mall Adam Walsh was taken from when he dissappeared….it scared the crap out of me!!! LOVE YOU GIRL!!!!

  4. says

    I have to 100% agree with you on the leash. My son was HORRID as a toddler and I had to carry him, drag him, hold his hand and leave many places to let him settle. I still like to keep the kids in my sight whenever we go anywhere, less than an arm’s length away and ALWAYS in front of us, I don’t let them trail behind lol! You can’t be too careful! That being said, my now 16yo son has been allowed to go places with friends for several years now and I let him have his freedom as long as he is WITH OTHER PEOPLE! I don’t think kids of any age should be wandering around by themselves. Groups are best!

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