My Project 365 Ended Early

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I have dropped my iPhone4 about a zillion times. The funny thing about this is that the only damage was a few chips in the glass…the apps worked fine, the internet had no issues and I was able to text like nobody’s business. However…the telephone feature didn’t work so well anymore. I say “telephone feature” because those who know me are completely aware that I RARELY used my iPhone4 to actually T A L K on the phone. I absolutely loathe talking on the telephone.

Any who, my phone calls dropped sporadically over the period of about two months. Since I rarely actually talk on the telephone, this didn’t really bother me. I had a business line installed in the house a while back and would use that for emergencies (like ordering Chinese Food). Much to the chagrin of my friends and family, I decided to wait it out until June, when my line with AT&T was available for a discounted upgrade. That was until this weekend…

This past weekend was extremely busy, as I was a bridesmaid in a wedding. Not just a bridesmaid, but a best friend of the bride…and I live very close to the bride, which means I was the first to offer to help or do anything, as I was literally a hop, skip and a jump away. My non-working telephone caused me quite a few problems the week before the wedding and I finally decided I had had enough on Saturday, right before the rehearsal dinner.

I headed to my nearest AT&T store to see if they had any iPhone4 in stock, which of course they did not. I then went to the Apple store in our local mall and somehow, magically sped through the appointments and ended up walking out with a brand new iPhone4 FREE OF CHARGE! Even though my phone had scratches, cracks and had obviously been dropped upwards of a hundred times during it’s 9 month suicide-mission in my hands, the genius bar technician never asked me why the phone was not working properly.

YAY for warranties!

The downside to receiving this brand new iPhone4 unexpectedly on the spur of the moment? I never backed up all the photos I had taken at the bachelorette party the night before (who uses cameras anymore when you have the incredible photo capabilities of the iPhone4 HDR?!)…so those were all lost. At least, I thought that was all that I had lost.

This morning I went to upload the last few day’s worth of photos into my Project 365 app for the iPhone. Guess what? The entire app was 100% empty. As in, NO PICTURES. I was devastated.

I assumed that the app was backed up to something online, like most of my apps that contain pictures. Nope! I upload everything to my computer and blog the Project 365 every few weeks, but I am missing almost the entire month of February. I am even more disappointed by this than I am about losing the bachelorette party photos!

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