My Mailman Kind of Hates Me

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I live in a residential area where I am required to have my mailbox on the street on on my porch. We opted to have ours on the edge of the street to make things easier for our mailman…also, because my dogs bark like mad every time anyone dares to step foot in our yard.

All three dogs.

So, I’ve had a love/hate relationship with my mail man over the last year for a few reasons.

  1. The mail route changed in our neighborhood last year. Instead of getting my mail by 11 am, like I have for the last 10 years, I now receive it around 5 pm and sometimes as late as 6:30 pm!
  2. My mailman enjoys tormenting me by leaving my mail box open…even when it is raining. Being that this is Miami, it is ALWAYS raining.
  3. When a package is too large to fit in the mailbox, my mailman brings it to the porch. Yet, he leaves the rest of the mail in the mailbox.
A while ago, I received a review item in the mail, the Bormioli Rocco Dedalo 7-Piece Liqueur Set. It arrived in quite a large box, so the mailman brought it to my porch. He left everything else in the mailbox…which he left open. One of the items left in the open mailbox was a check I received as payment for something. Guess what got soaked by the rain and had to be reissued because it was unreadable?
Yup, my check.
Fortunately, my new liqueur set was perfectly fine – duh, it’s glass – but that incident really irritated me. It isn’t hard to close my mailbox, it’s just as easily closed as it is opened. And that check, sitting right on top of the stack of mail left in the mailbox? It was very clearly a check, as the address portion was the “made payable to” part of the check.
I think my mailman is getting even with me for all of the review items I’ve received over the last year since I began reviewing products on my blog.
I haven’t received that many review products recently, as I’ve cut down on the amount of reviews that I do on The Rebel Chick. After almost a year of receiving items almost on a daily basis, I realized that I didn’t really want that much stuff and was having a hard time finding places to put things and people to give them to after I reviewed them.
Do other bloggers have this issue or is it just me?
I’ve been pretty selective about what I review this year…that liqueur set? Totally awesome and I love it. It looks super classy on my counter and my husband likes that he can put his Mount Gay Extra Old Rum in it!
And it’s only about $16 on Amazon, if you’re looking for a special gift for someone with an affinity for liqueur!
I’ve also received a few smaller packages in the mail the past few weeks, a Hello Kitty bluetooth headset from Earloomz and a Luke Skywalker USB drive from Mimoco. With as much time as I am spending on the road this summer, I really felt the need to get a bluetooth so I wasn’t panicking each time I answered a phone call on the road and wasn’t sure about the cell phone laws in the states I’ve been traveling through.

This Hello Kitty Earloomz bluetooth headset is so cute that even Angeline wanted to use it! It retails for $34.99 on the Earloomz website, which I think is a totally fair price for such a cute device!

And my Luke Skywalker USB drive from Mimoco? It’s so cute! My favorite thing about it is actually that it’s a 2.0, which is faster than my other USB drives. For only $19.99, these USB drives are actually the same price as I paid for Angeline’s USB drive for school last year – and it’s sooo much cuter!

There are lots of other Star Wars characters to choose from too, the entire Series 8 is part of their line! I think I know a lot of techie kids who will be sporting them this year for back to school!

With only these three review items arriving in the mail this month, I think my mailman needs to take a chill pill and quit it with the attitude.
As mentioned, I received these items for review purposes. All opinions are my own. 
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  1. Jill says

    That happened to me one time, too. I got a bit up set and now I have a large enough box that will hold all the sized mail and packages that I recieve. Don’t stay mad…it only makes you up set.

  2. says

    Your mailman kind of sounds like a jerk. :( But at least the items were fine! &If it makes you feel better, I get my mail at around 6pm too. I don’t even drink but I want that liqueur set because it looks super fancy! &That bluetooth headset? NEED.

  3. says

    I need that headset in my life and the liqueur set…to have! I would call USPS on that *******. I don’t play about my mail. For instance, one of the sites I write freelance for send me cash in the mail. It’s only $50 but if my $50 got wet I would probably catch a case. Your mailman is a lowdown ….. Okay. I’m gone. LOL!

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