My Hair Experiment

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A few months ago, while surfing the web I came across an interesting article on how to naturally lighten hair. With my curiosity piqued I proceeded to read the article which suggested multiple ways on how to lighten hair- Applying lemon juice, vinegar, chamomile, peroxide. I then embarked on an experiment, trying each method on a different part of my hair to see for myself which works best. I took steps to carefully isolate different sections of my hair and apply the same mixture on it every Sunday morning. Ladies, before you think I’m crazy, hold your horses! I had decided to cut my hair by six inches into a nice little bob, and indulged in this fun experiment only on the hair ends, knowing that even if disaster struck, I was just a haircut away from salvation. During the course of a month, and three applications, this is what I found…

Jennifer's curly hair

The ends which were applied with lemon had clearly become lighter, with a natural tone. I am a brunette, and my hair became a lovely chestnut brown colour, without losing any moisture. I definitely felt like this was the best method.

The part where vinegar was applied also lightened up, however, it had reddish tints. For those who want a reddish tone, this is the best option. If you want a softer, mellow brown, skip the vinegar because it really pops the red, especially if you already have natural reddish undertones. The texture was slightly drier than the lemon, but nothing that I’d worry about.

The chamomile was made by brewing a strong cup of chamomile tea, allowing it to cool down and then applying. This method produced the least results, and I really had to strain myself to notice any difference. The tips did get slightly lighter, but I wouldn’t suggest this method for those who want quicker results. For those who have time, and want a mild hair lightener, go for the chamomile option.

The last method was the peroxide one. As you may have predicted, this produced the quickest results. My hair on first application turned a reddish brown, on the second a honey brown and after third and final application, it was a lovely dark blonde shade. I liked this colour the most, but my hair turned dry after this. I also noticed slight split ends forming at the tips. If you want the quick fix, this is it. But don’t count on the texture remaining the same.

During this time, I got bored while waiting for the application to dry… until I discovered online bingo! This was a superb pastime and kept me entertained right till the end, especially with the free bingo bonus promotions on GameVillage. So ladies, the next time you have a Sunday off, go ahead and give one of these methods a try, and tell me the results in the comments!

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