My favorite blogging accessory: The Whirl Mini Laser Mouse

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I spend a lot of time on the laptop. It sits on my lap, perched on it’s angled cooling tray with its flat, carpal tunnel inducing keyboard and so-called “mouse” for at least 4 hours a day. Every day. Every. Single. Day.

Between my Twitter addiction, my social and business networking, blogging, communicating with companies in an effort to grow my blog, working on my poetry and novel, and working on the work-from-home gig, I have grown to hate my touch-pad. Hate. Hate. Hate.

There are times when I swear my wrist goes numb between the typing and navigating the touch-pad.

Recently, I found an answer to my frustrations. It’s the Whirl™ Mini ErgoMotion Laser Mouse

It’s wireless.

It pivots.

It’s palm-sized.

I got a sexy red one. (can you hear my smile coming across the internet? It’s a big one)

Goodbye, forever, touch-pad!

I set it next to my laptop when I am working on my little “workstation” or I set it literally right next to me on the sofa if I’m surfing the web while chilling out.

Sometimes I set it on my leg. It still works there. Why? It’s called Laser Tracking. I’ll give you a little info from the Smartfish Technologies website.

The Whirl™ Mini features a laser tracking engine that’s far more sensitive and responsive on more surfaces than traditional optical technology. That means it can track with precision on nearly every surface with no mousepad required.

What I really love about the Whirl Mini Laser Mouse is that it pivots. That pivot motion makes it so easy on your wrist. I worked at a computer, 8 hours a day (at least) for over 10 years. I’ve done enough damage to my wrists, without a doubt.

The ErgoMotion™ pivot system reduces your risk of Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) by adding motion! While other mice require your hand and wrist to remain in a fixed position, the Whirl™ Minipivots naturally as you move, automatically changing it’s angle infinitely to match your wrist and hand. The mouse will lean, swivel or pivot with your movement so your hand and wrist are never in a fixed position.

It has a tiny USB connection, which let’s face it, it really important in this day and age. No one wants a corded mouse! It has a 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity and a nice plus – it has an extra long battery life!

Also? It is an excellent option for ambidextrous users – it was specifically designed to be comfortable for left and right-hand users.

I really love this mouse. It has made the time I spend online less physically taxing and it’s cute as a button! Want your own? It’s a total steal at $49.99! Go get it here!


* I received a Whirl Mini Mouse in order to facilitate this review, but all opinions are 100% my own!

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    I don’t have the mini one but I have a different ergo mouse from smartfish that I use with my laptop. I have raynaud’s syndrome which has many of the same symptoms as carpal tunnel, and it is much better to use for that then a regular mouse. I LOVE that the batteries don’t wear out fast either!

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