My daughter inherited my poor eyesight!

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My daughter is 13 and she’s already taller than I am, wears a larger shoe size than I do, and steals most of my clothes. To add insult to injury, they actually fit her better! My daughter is the spitting image of her dad in many ways. She has his height and build, his dirty blonde hair, his high cheekbones and his sense of humor.

Do you want to know what she got from me? Her green eyes and bad eyesight. She’s only 13 and she already needs glasses. Being a self conscious teenage girl, she is not too happy about having to wear eyeglasses to school.

When I was my daughter’s age, my parents bought those thick plastic frames because they were inexpensive through my father’s insurance. I hated them! I don’t want to have to buy those same dorky frames for my daughter. Luckily, I just found a website where I can buy glasses for much less than our local overpriced vision centers.
The thought never occurred to me to buy glasses online before I found, but I’m glad I now have this option. They have wire frames, thick hipster frames, designer labels, etc. They even offer coupon codes to further reduce their prices! I found an adorable pair of wire-rimmed CK frames for only $99!

Not only are the glasses stylish and affordable, but GlassesUSA even offers discounts! Right now, you can use code Mommy10 to receive 10% off any order of glasses. Or, take 15% off any order of $150 or more and get free shipping within the US with the code FS15!

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    Boy can I relate… I was SEVEN when I started wearing glasses along with my 3 older sisters. My parents also could only afford to get those cheap thick plastic lenses. Just thinking about those years makes me {{{shudder}}}.
    I have a pair of reading glasses (I now wear contact lenses for distance) from and I was so pleased with their service and my glasses. I know that your daughter will be happy with hers. I’d love to see a photograph of her in her new glasses.

  2. says

    Ahh. I remember my classes in school. Super think, metal frames, uglllly. I hated wearing them! But now they have super cute ones, I love love my glasses!

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    So far only one of my boys has inherited my terrible eye sight. I have used a different online site for ordering my glasses before because they are so expensive locally. I have been searching for a new place to buy from for a while now, so I will have to check these out!

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    I remember the glasses I had to wear when I was younger. The pair I wear now I love. It is nice to have some better choices that are affordable.

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    Would you believe that I was a WEIRDO in junior high/high school who WANTED glasses? I love how glasses look on people …. seriously. Can’t wait for the day when I actually need them.

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