Moms Deserve to Feel Beautiful Too!

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Mothers, listen up! Feeling beautiful is not going against motherhood and being a great parent. Yes, even cosmetic procedures are now acceptable in today’s climate; like a quick eye lift to remove lines that stress may have situated on our faces, or breast lifts after nursing your babies – both are totally acceptable nowadays. 

It seems like everyone from teenagers to the Hollywood elite are having cosmetic surgery and procedures done. In fact, many of the stars that have come out publicly about the extra help that they have received from surgical experts has helped make it considered commonplace. Their nonchalant and in your face attitude about it has paved the way for everyday people, like moms just like you and I, to have beautifying procedures done and not be considered odd or vain by society.

Everyone on earth knows how drastically a mother’s body changes after giving birth. It is not uncommon for a mother’s breasts to become so enlarged that once she is finished breastfeeding, they become droopy and saggy; even for young mothers this can be true – I can attest to that fact, having breastfed my daughter when I was 19 years old!

These physical changes often lead to negative and insecure feelings about our body image. Breast lifts can be a quick and simple solution to this issue. The procedure simply “lifts” breasts back into their perky position just like before, thus the term “breast lift“. Many women, especially mothers, have reported that they felt better and confident about their bodies again after having breast lifts.

Another quick plastic surgery procedure that makes every woman look and feel younger is an eyelift. It can help lift and smooth the area around the eyes giving them a more lively and youthful appearance. Young mothers can be extra stressed out – especially first time young mothers, leading to many sleepless nights that can cause eye bags and such. It can be very helpful in boosting self-confidence by removing the bags, wrinkles, and/or drooping eyelids. Therefore, an eyelift is a great option for a mother to regain her ravishing knockout looks.

There is no longer any negative stigma attached to cosmetic surgery or procedures – like there used to be in the old days. A woman can feel free and comfortable picking the work she would like to have done in order to maintain her beauty. Now mothers can have breast lifts or eyelifts and no one would bat an eyelash or give it a second thought. If anything, people will probably turn their heads after they see her walking down the street because of how much more confident she looks and feels!


*Links within this post are for reference only. Opinions stated are 100% my own. 

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