Making Jewelry Work For You

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Wearing jewelry is a great way to accessorize. Used effectively, it can give numerous looks to just one outfit. No matter what your dress style, jewelry can be used to accentuate any clothing. However, there are some jewelry mistakes to avoid – such as piling on too many jewels for an average day at work, or by not thinking about how jewelry coordinates with the clothes you’ve picked out to wear.

j1favorite jewelry” (CC BY 2.0) by  erink_photography 

Take a look at the tips below to ensure that the jewelry you wear adds to, rather than detracts from, your overall look.

Match a necklace to your neckline


Big chunky purple and silver acrylic bum” (CC BY 2.0) by  shinycatcreations 

If you have a statement necklace, you need to choose the right neckline to wear it with – and vice versa. For a really big necklace, a scoop-necked or v-necked dress or an off-the shoulder or strapless top is often the best choice as they’ll give your statement necklace the space it needs. On the other hand, statement necklaces will clash with fussy collars or halter necks. Also, consider color co-ordinating. If you have a colorful necklace, then neutrally toned, non-patterned clothes will work best with it.

And on those days that you’ve picked a bold and beautiful top to wear, with patterns or strong colors, then go for a more subtle jewelry choice. Customised necklaces that have been designed especially for you can give an outfit that extra touch without drawing as much attention as a statement piece. A simple monogram necklace in silver or gold can be so versatile and paired with so many different outfits. Take a look at the range of customized necklaces and other jewelry pieces at Onecklace to find the perfect personalized piece.

Beautiful rings need manicured hands​


There’s no point in choosing and wearing a beautiful ring if you’re not going to take care of your hands, keeping them moisturized and silky soft and making sure your nails are neatly manicured. If you’ve chosen to wear a big, bold ring, then go for a neutral nail polish color. For an elegant look, avoid color clashes between your nails and your ring. And although you have ten fingers, you don’t need to load them all with rings – generally one at a time is the best policy.

Elegant earrings

If you’re wearing a pair of statement earrings, they will often be the first thing that catches someone’s attention when they’re talking to you. Make sure they make the right impression. Choose a pair that frames your face nicely and enhances your features. Badly-chosen earrings can be very distracting, so think about the length, color and size of the earrings you’re planning to wear.

You also need to style your hair accordingly, too. If you’ve gone for dangly earrings, make sure your hair is swept up out of the way in a chignon, or is smooth and sleek. Don’t go for volume in your hair unless you’ve chosen simple and small earrings. Similarly, make sure the make-up you wear doesn’t clash with your earring choice – for colourful earrings, go for neutral make-up tones.

Bearing these tips in mind, take some time to go through your jewlery collection and try different pieces with different outfits. Then you’ll have a go-to selection for any occasion. And if you feel there’s something missing; it’s a great excuse to go out and buy a couple more pieces to add to your jewelry selection.

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    Keeping your hands moisturized and neatly manicured is a great tip! That way, your rings will look better on your hands. If your nail polish is chipping, or if your hands are all dry, they won’t look. Even if you put on rings, your hands aren’t going to improve unless you take care of them!

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