Make Money With Your iPhone With We Rewards!

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I’ve had my iPhone for a few years now. I started out with the 3G in 2008 and stood in line for three hours for the iPhone4 last June…and while I began downloading entertainment and social networking apps immediately, it took me a while to realize just how insane the variety off apps really were.

Did you know that you can MAKE MONEY using your iphone or smart phone?! Earlier this year, I came across Sponsored Tweets and engaged in that for a bit, but ultimately felt that it was kind of annoying for my followers and stopped using it. While I was on the Izea website one day, I noticed a banner for something called We Reward and since I am a bit neurotic about signing up for rewards programs, I decided to check it out.

That was a smart move! WeReward is an app that links up to Foursquare, Twitter and Facebook and you use it to snap photos as you do different things…stuff that you are doing anyway. Like grocery shopping – just open the We Reward app, scroll down to your grocery store (it pulls up businesses around you once you activate the location services, just like Foursquare does) and then snap a photo of your shopping cart with the company logo on the cart and earn! If you forget to take a picture while still in the store – like I usually do – you can just snap a photo of yourself with your shopping bag & receipt once you get home.

Most places are included, everything from grocery stores, Target, Walmart, fast food restaurants, etc. There are some stores that pay .50 and a few that pay .10.  I know, .50 isn’t much, but why not? It adds up quickly and by the end of the week, you have a few extra bucks in your pocket. I cash out and leave the money in my Paypal to buy stuff from Amazon or Ebay.

It’s super easy to do…and you can earn as much as $10.00 a week by snapping photos as you run your errands. I snap photos whenever I go to the grocery store, eat at fast food, or eat out at a restaurant. On really busy weeks, I get up to $10 just for taking these pics and checking in. And you only need $10 in your account before you can transfer it over to Paypal.

These are a few screen shots of my account, so you can get an idea of how it works. Things always seem to make more sense when you can actually see it.

In addition to taking photos at restaurants and businesses, you can earn photos by snapping photos of things you have at home. Right now, they are offering $1.00 to snap a photo of you and a cake you made from a Betty Crocker mix. It’s easy money!

I’ve made almost $200.00 this year using the We Reward app, and honestly, I hardly remember to take my photos…I’ll be walking out of Dunkin Donuts and as soon as I throw away my cup or plate, I realize I could have made a buck…so $200 isn’t bad, considering I don’t do this religiously.

Check it out! They have apps for iPhones (all generations).


*While I was not asked to write about We Reward by Izea, I do really like this app & wanted to share it with you! If you sign up, please use my affiliate link, which is

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