Make me laugh and I’ll give you money!

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I collect pictures of homeless people/panhandlers with weird signs.

It started last year when I was visiting a friend in Austin, Texas. We were at a red light at an intersection and I noticed a guy walking around with a sign that said something about beer. She honked so he could come over for me to read it…

Let’s make this clear: I don’t do drugs. I don’t condone the illegal use of drugs. But this shit is funny. Even more funny than the 420 reference is the chicke wings. And in an effort to make this a family-friendly post, I put a pretty flower over his birdie. He gave me permission to take the photo and the birdie was all in good fun. I HAD to give this guy $5. The laughs my friend and I got from this sign was worth it. He put effort into coming up with something funny and I totally appreciate that.

Thus, my collection of weird/funny/clever “give me money” signs began.

Unfortunately, the unfortunate of Miami have never come up with a funny sign. I normally never ever give homeless or people begging for money anything because where I live, well, crack-cocaine is an issue and I have learned the signs from years of being around drug addicts. I can tell a crack head coming from a mile away. I will NOT give those people money. Even if they are holding a funny sign, which they usually don’t, anyway.

I was recently visiting friends in Toronto and came across two pretty clever people begging for money. One may have actually been a starving artist. Who knows. And because I had pockets full of Canadian money, I unloaded it on them. Who knows how much I gave them – Canadians use coins instead of $1 and $2 bills!

This guy cracked me up. What really had me laughing was he wasn’t even ugly. Give the guy a shower, shave and hair cut, and he would have even been cute.

I loved this gal. I think she came up with a great idea and she’s obviously a talented artist. I don’t know if she was actually homeless because her message beneath the Tinkerbell drawing says she is a full time chalk artist, but regardless, I was happy to oblige.

Have you ever seen a panhandler with a witty sign? I’d love to see your pictures!

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  1. says

    I don’t think I would have had the cahones to ask for a pic either–you go girl. Did they make you “pay” them for one?
    I still have some H.H. stuff too. I WAS saving it for a daughter, but I guess it will stay in boxes waiting for a granddaughter now someday…

    Cheers. VB

  2. says

    I have no shame! LOL It seems that the one who have a sense of humor are pretty friendly. :) The one with the prostitute sign actually told me to go check out his friend, that he had a funny sign too – but I couldn’t find him.

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